The time has come for change

13 September 2017

This month the National Education Union came into existence. Dr Mary Bousted sets out its aims and ambitions for the coming months and years

An eight-point plan for 14 to 19 education

6 September 2017

A policy paper published during the summer by Edge sets out the charity’s case for a coherent, unified and holistic phase of education to prepare 14 to 19-year-olds for their future careers. Author Olly Newton explains

Scottish education: The challenges ahead

31 August 2017

The new academic year brings with it key challenges for teachers and school leaders in Scotland. We asked the general secretaries of the Educational Institute of Scotland and the Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association to outline the most pressing issues facing schools this year

Support staff: It’s time to act

31 August 2017

School support staff are being hit by falling budgets, low morale and heavy workloads. Sarah Duncan urges the Scottish government to act

The only certainty is uncertainty...

5 July 2017

In his final article for SecEd before he stands down as NAHT general secretary, Russell Hobby reflects on how the current political uncertainty could be a blessing in disguise for school leaders

Diary of an NQT: Time to say farewell

5 July 2017

SecEd readers have followed the trials and tribulations of our NQT diarist throughout this academic year. The time has come to say goodbye…

At the chalkface: Some good frontier gibberish

4 July 2017

I tether my horse in the bike shed, mosey into the fancy foyer, check my holster, check my gun, lower my Stetson, kick in classroom door and stand alone, like Gary Cooper in High Noon

At the chalkface: Sports Day

28 June 2017

Sports Day: The inevitable dropping of the baton, the mad dash for the first 20 metres of 1,500 metre race and the subsequent knackered perambulation, the long jumps and high jumps of less than two feet...

Are you a ‘moany’ teacher?

28 June 2017

Do teachers moan too much? Dr Bernard Trafford says it is too easy to brand our profession as one of cynics and moaners

At the chalkface: Pressure drop

14 June 2017

Like a boxer’s second you give the same fatuous tips. Get in early, get lots of nutritional sleep and breakfast, get in the zone, get your timing right, don’t think too much, and don’t swear at the referee/examiner. Yeah. Yeah.

The far-reaching power of music

14 June 2017

Research showing the impact of learning a musical instrument on pupils’ wider educational outcomes comes as no surprise to Dr Bernard Trafford

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