At the chalkface: Tim and Moll

22 November 2017

They’re not quite Romeo and Juliet, more a meeting of like minds, sort of de-schooling sweethearts, extra-curricular chums, partners in crime

Who in the world am I?

22 November 2017

When changing curricula, reformed examinations, tight budgets and government diktat threaten to drain our morale, Jenny Brown says we must remember why we do what we do and the joy that working with young people brings

We must be bold on behalf of our students

15 November 2017

When you retire, no-one will thank you for your data analysis skills or effective appraisal management – it is what you do for your children and their families that counts, says Geoff Barton

At the chalkface: It’ a jungle out there

15 November 2017

It was time for the ugly truth. “The world out there doesn’t take prisoners,” I’d drone grimly. “It’s a jungle out there!” My classes had heard this speech so many times they sometimes joined in...

'Correcting’ speech in the classroom?

15 November 2017

The suggestion that we should be ‘correcting’ pupils’ speech in the classroom, including the influence of regional dialects, is an uncomfortable idea for Adam Riches

Diary of an NQT: Assessment

15 November 2017

The end of his first assessment cycle is looming for our NQT diarist, and with it comes a sharp increase in workload and pressure…

Why knowledge isn’t enough

8 November 2017

With even PISA acknowledging the importance of creative thinking, there is an emerging consensus that ‘dispositions’ or ‘skills’ must be considered just as much as ‘knowledge’

At the chalkface: The Arts

8 November 2017

Drama teachers are being cut. If you want to see the best lessons in a school go to the drama department, while you still can. Marvel at the school play. Dance is going the same way.

Ideas for Anti-Bullying Week 2017

1 November 2017

How can we make the most out of Anti-Bullying Week in schools? Martha Evans looks forward to a week when young people’s stance on bullying takes centre stage

Child bereavement: #YoureNotAlone

11 October 2017

Children’s Grief Awareness Week takes place in November. Alison Penny looks at how schools can reach out to the significant minority of pupils living with grief

Diary of an NQT: Focus on your work/life balance

11 October 2017

Being keen to please and eager to say ‘yes’ can make achieving a healthy work/life balance incredibly difficult for new teachers. Our NQT diarist reflects on how he is ensuring that the balance is right

At the chalkface: Personal statements

11 October 2017

"All my life I’ve been passionate/obsessed/crazy about something or other. I’m phenomenally interested in early Russian cinema, medieval baroque music, playing the oboe, QPR and making lots of money."

An overhaul of admission appeals?

3 October 2017

More than 60,000 admissions appeals were lodged for the September 2017 intake, with fewer than 10,000 succeeding. Legal expert Dai Durbridge looks at the story behind those numbers and considers whether the current system is in need of an overhaul

At the chalkface: In Defence of Milton

3 October 2017

Milton’s poetry should be done much more in our state schools. Not to do so is a criminal dumbing down. Why should the privileged only hear his lyric grace and thunder?

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