At the chalkface: Clever?

25 June 2018

This will not happen until we junk the modern syllabus. It kills clever. It stifles it. It can’t remotely measure it. And there are many different ways of being clever, which go unrecognised.

Inclusion versus exclusion

20 June 2018

The challenges in making education inclusive for all children, including those with SEND, are many and varied – but the benefits of inclusive education are clear for all to see. Philippa Stobbs explains

At the chalkface: Old and in the way

20 June 2018

Poor, young drones were drafted in to drill pupils through exams. They were cheap, efficient, obedient, professional, sharp-suited, apolitical and had no union.

Diary of an NQT: Stepping up

20 June 2018

Getting involved in all aspects of school life can give NQTs the experience and skills to help progress in their careers, as our NQT diarist has discovered

How to fail...

13 June 2018

Learning how to fail is a vital skill that our pupils are not developing – leaving them vulnerable to life’s ups and downs. Dr Pooky Knightsmith explains and advises

Making the case for therapeutic schools

13 June 2018

In the last 50 to 100 years, children have changed – as have the many challenges they face in their young lives. The one thing that never seems to change is education...

At the chalkface: Echoing through eternity

13 June 2018

It’s a line from Gladiator. He smiled. We smiled. They didn’t. Most didn’t get it. It didn’t spread calm, it spread varieties of panic. Many examinees were in such a state of hysteria, they believed him...

Increasing pressure on SEND

6 June 2018

Cutting school and local authority budgets to the bone has put increasing pressure on schools trying to meet the needs of SEND pupils

In defence of the staffroom

23 May 2018

As working life becomes busier and busier, we must all of us find time for a good natter, says Julian Stanley

At the chalkface: Average

23 May 2018

How dare she? Doesn’t she realise she’s letting the school down? Doesn’t she realise she’s doing nothing for its league position? It must be better than average.

Self-evaluation: What makes a good school?

16 May 2018

What makes a good school? Archie McGlynn, former chief inspector of schools in Scotland, offers his litmus test and 10 self-evaluation questions for your whole staff

At the chalkface: A ballad of Peckham Rye

16 May 2018

Light falls like a blessing. We’re all passing through. I seem to be having a vision. I’m in good company. Didn’t Blake famously have visions in Peckham Rye? Didn’t he see angels somewhere here?

My letter to education...

16 May 2018

My name is Billy Moore. I am 16-years-old and for the past eight years I have been home educated. This is my letter to education...

The core skills our young people need

9 May 2018

We have a duty to think deeply about what it is that young people need to be taught and need to be able to do in a future where there will be very few jobs for life, says Dr Mary Bousted

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