No evidence that ‘brutal’ Ofsted regime works

6 December 2021

If Ofsted cannot show that it achieves its core purpose, what hope does the profession suffering under its tyrannical yoke have? Ofsted is still driving pointless workload and operating with no evidence that its judgements are reliable, says Dr Mary Bousted

Cogito, ergo sum: Where next for critical thinking?

15 November 2021

Both pupils and teaching colleagues must be allowed and encouraged to identify, analyse, and solve problems systematically, rather than be spoon-fed facts without questioning them, says Deborah Lawson

Tutoring: Hitting the target but missing the point?

8 November 2021

The government has pledged to deliver tutoring for six million pupils by 2025. But with dwindling subsidies, Nick Brook says that ministers could well find themselves hitting the target, but missing the point

SEND and schools: Inclusive by design

5 November 2021

At a time when the SEND system is facing a raft of challenges, Annamarie Hassall is taking the helm at special needs association Nasen. She wants to see all schools become inclusive by design and all SENCOs properly resourced and supported

Just think, they could call it social justice...

18 October 2021

The chief inspector does not realise just how badly her food parcel comments have landed. There is nothing new in schools supporting disadvantaged families – so how about we drop the meaningless ‘levelling up’ refrain and focus on real change, says Geoff Barton

Do we value democracy in schools?

13 October 2021

Giving students power over decisions that affect them is not radical, it is simply democratic. If we truly value democracy, we must balance teacher authority with student autonomy, says David Kazamias

Comprehensive Spending Review: A moment of truth

11 October 2021

A pay-freeze, a 3.2 per cent rise in the cost of living, real-terms cuts to school funding – the government needs to change tack quickly if we are to prevent teachers from quitting the chalkface post-pandemic says Dr Patrick Roach

Mental health: A false dichotomy

11 October 2021

Mental health and academic achievement are not an either/or. As we respond to the pandemic, we must involve children and look beneath the surface, says Matthew Purves

We need concerted action on teacher workload

5 October 2021

Coming out of the pandemic, the number of teachers thinking about quitting is deeply worrying. Deborah Lawson says the time is now for concerted action on workload and wellbeing. She suggests how…

Three per cent? This must change

4 October 2021

Only three per cent of school business leaders in the UK are from a BAME background – we need to work together to set about changing this. Founder of the new ABBLed network, Cheryl Campbell, explains

Poverty is not inevitable: What can your school do about it?

28 September 2021

The facts don’t lie. Poverty is a consequence of the structures and inequalities of society. It is not inevitable. Government must act, but so can we. Luke Bramhall asks what you can do prevent poverty from limiting children’s chances…

Education recovery: Time for the DfE and the Treasury to step-up

27 September 2021

We need to see the government’s blueprint for education recovery and we need to see it now, says Paul Whiteman. Ahead of this month’s NAHT policy-making conference, he also calls for the new secretary of state to stand up to the Treasury on school funding

Mind the gap: Edtech and parental engagement

20 September 2021

We must avoid mistaking parental ‘involvement’ for genuine ‘engagement’. Edtech can help us achieve this, as long as providers put the needs of disadvantaged families first, says Tom Harbour

#BlackLivesMatter: Where do we go from here?

13 September 2021

The Black Lives Matter movement has led to a year of immense change, but there have also been devastating set-backs. Angelina Idun asks where are we now in the fight for equality – and what questions must schools be asking as the new year begins?

COP26: We must create climate-literate students

13 September 2021

It is vital that every student leaves education climate-literate, equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle climate change. Kevin Courtney introduces some new resources to help schools and urges the DfE to make this a priority ahead of COP26

Covid: Preventing a chaotic autumn term...

6 September 2021

Schools are braced for an ‘exponential increase’ in Covid infections and yet the government contingency strategy remains thin. Geoff Barton offers three suggestions that could pull us back from the brink...

SEND Review: What are we waiting for?

6 September 2021

In 2019, the government promised a landmark review of the SEND sector in response to concerns that SEND provision has become a ‘postcode lottery’. Why it is taking so long?

At the chalkface: Carry On Culture Wars

6 September 2021

What’s next? The stocks? The guillotine? Cotton-picking? This may play well in the shires, but surely not on most of the country. And certainly not with our pupils. The young don’t buy it – they never have...

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