Where next for SEN Support?

5 July 2022

The SEND Review side-lines the importance of SEN Support in schools and risks driving more parents to seek Education, Health and Care Plans. Sara Alston is concerned

School ethos or school brand?

4 July 2022

Schools are operating in a world where fundamental British values can seemingly sit alongside zero-tolerance approaches to things like behaviour. Dr David Lundie considers the impact of recent policies on school ethos

Fiddling while Rome burns

28 June 2022

Blunt accountability measures, a gimmicky Parents’ Pledge, continuing denial over school budgets, and a heavily criticised Schools Bill – it feels like the government is fiddling while Rome burns, says Geoff Barton

A 12% pay rise this September?

20 June 2022

The NASUWT is demanding a 12% pay rise this September, but ministers are set-on a below-inflation increase. Dr Patrick Roach sets out five reasons why a restorative pay award is essential – and warns that teachers’ anger is ready to boil over

Careers education: Investment is needed, now

13 June 2022

Almost 700,000 young people are currently NEET and they are more likely to be disadvantaged. If we are to tackle this head-on, says Russell Hobby, investment in careers education in schools is needed – now

Neurodiversity and mental health in the classroom

13 June 2022

There is a growing and wide range of needs among children and young people that teachers and support staff are increasingly being expected to meet in the classroom. With a few small steps, we can make things easier for everyone, says Helen Osgood

SEND Review: What about support staff?

13 June 2022

When it comes to the often-crucial role of support staff in supporting effective SEND provision, the long-awaited SEND Review is almost silent – this cannot be right, says Leigh Powell

At the chalkface: I hear voices, doctor

7 June 2022

The voices – teeming voices. They can strike at any moment. Ian Whitwham has been living with them for years. When teaching Of Mice and Men. During departmental meetings. And always when reading the latest government wheeze...

A new vision: Transforming the teacher image

6 June 2022

Too many people still view teaching as a ‘fall-back’ profession that anyone can do. Harry Hudson says it is time to change the narrative and sell a new vision to the public of education in the 21st century

The cost of not being racially literate

24 May 2022

The political impartiality guidance risks stunting burgeoning conversations on racial literacy. Viv Grant says we cannot afford to go backwards and must reject this ‘teaching by numbers’ approach

Farewell then, the school-led system?

23 May 2022

The Schools Bill currently passing through Parliament will be the beginning of the end of any real sense of autonomy for our schools, says Dr Mary Bousted

Papers and Bills: A missed opportunity

16 May 2022

Whatever your view on academies, one thing is clear: the government’s obsession with structural reform will not on its own transform an education system. Geoff Barton on the unambitious plans of the DfE.

A national demonstration: Will you be there?

9 May 2022

Serious recruitment and retention issues and the cost-of-living crisis is compounding workload and wellbeing issues at the chalkface. Dr Patrick Roach calls on teachers to join a national demonstration on June 18 calling for change

Back to normal? Is that where we need to be?

3 May 2022

We all want to get back to normal – but is it still appropriate in the ‘new normal’ of the 21st century to be using 19th century assessment methods? Helen Osgood pleads for change

Is your school cyber-secure?

25 April 2022

Is your school cyber-secure? Are you preparing your students for life in a world where cyber-security will be crucial to their futures? Computing and technology specialist Dave Gibbs urges schools to step-up their focus on cyber-space

Ministers must not abandon UTCs

19 April 2022

Negative headlines about those University Technical Colleges that have closed must not frighten ministers into abandoning a programme that is proving life-changing for some students, says David Harbourne

Do you know what independent learning is?

5 April 2022

Schools quite rightly prize the value of independent learning skills, but students cannot learn independently about things they do not know. Amy Forrester considers why empowering teachers to create knowledge-rich learners is the first step to independence

The White Paper: A chance wasted

5 April 2022

Despite having a new education secretary, we are stuck with the same tired ideological blinkers. The education White Paper ignores crucial issues such as poverty and the attainment gap, says Mike Short

Nothing is normal in schools now

28 March 2022

Past mistakes continue to be repeated by ministers even though we are more than two years into a pandemic that is still causing chaos, anxiety and huge workload pressures in schools, says Dr Mary Bousted

Unfair & fragile: The growing case for exam reform

22 March 2022

The return of examinations this summer reminds us of the unfairness and fragility of a system focused almost entirely on terminal exams and reinforces the case for reform, says Geoff Barton

A 12% pay increase from September

21 March 2022

Investing in teachers is investing in pupils’ education, but the proposals over teachers’ pay risk driving more experienced teachers from the chalkface, says Dr Patrick Roach

Dem tell me wha dem want to tell me

15 March 2022

The new guidance on political impartiality in the classroom seems designed to strike the fear of God into teachers for stating certain facts and to prevent them from saying anything deemed anti-establishment, says Anjum Peerbacos

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