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PSHE: We need to talk about cannabis

20 June 2022

Use of cannabis among teenagers is on the rise and charity the Alcohol Education Trust has responded with new workshops for schools. CEO Helena Conibear offers some tips on tackling cannabis education

Extra-curricular activities as part of a broad and balanced curriculum

20 June 2022

In this five-part series, Matt Bromley looks at best practice for planning and delivering effective extra-curricular provision. In part three, he looks at how extra-curricular activities can help create a broad and balanced curriculum offer and how we can boost student take-up

Safeguarding: Responding to harmful sexual behaviours

14 June 2022

Responding to and addressing harmful sexual behaviours is now a key part of safeguarding practice. Carmel Glassbrook considers 10 forms this behaviour might take and how we can respond and support students

Vocabulary development for EAL students

18 January 2022

Vocabulary development is vital for those using English as an additional language. Sheila Hopkins considers how teachers can identify key vocabulary during lesson planning and outlines strategies for teaching these key words to EAL learners

Simplifying our practice: Lesson planning

6 December 2021

In a series of five articles, Adam Riches is looking at how we might simplify common classroom practice in order to make teaching and learning more effective. Part five looks at lesson planning

Adaptive teaching for EAL students in language-heavy subjects

29 November 2021

History, geography, English literature and religious studies are undeniably language-heavy subjects, making them particularly challenging for learners who have English as an additional language. Caroline Bruce offers some advice, ideas and resources to support your teaching of EAL students

How to talk to students about the news

10 November 2021

Many teachers would like to use the news to spark great classroom discussions as part of their subject teaching, but it can be challenging to do well. Tom Bigglestone from the Topical Talk project offers 10 tips for getting it right

Case study: Teaching oracy skills

27 September 2021

Oracy has been identified as a key post-lockdown priority. One school is working closely with Shakespearean actors to boost children’s speaking skills. Lucy Cherry explains

EAL recovery: Creating opportunities for talk

20 September 2021

As the pandemic continues, promoting oracy and opportunities to talk will be crucial to supporting the recovery of students who use English as an additional language. Sarah Moodie offers some ideas

Case study: Embedding literacy across a subject discipline

30 August 2021

Students might not consider design and technology or food lessons to be places where literacy is at the forefront of teaching and learning. Emma Goldfinch describes her school’s work to put literacy at the heart of their subject discipline

RSHE: Teaching sensitive topics

28 June 2021

Consent, misogyny, sexual harassment, healthy relationships and much more – the list of sensitive topics within RSHE is long and tackling these issues can be daunting for unprepared staff. Rachel Coathup offers some tips

Reading and writing poetry: Some top tips and lesson ideas

24 May 2021

Poetry can be a tough sell for some young people, but it is worth persevering. Stephanie Nobes – a teacher trailblazer for the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award – offers some quick tips and lesson ideas to hook your students

EAL in the Early Career Framework

10 May 2021

The Early Career Framework makes no mention of teaching pupils who use English as an additional language, despite the fact that nearly half of teachers teach in diverse classrooms. Silvana Richardson advises

Racism: Helping schools to lead a legacy of change

26 April 2021

Stephen Lawrence loved school and he wanted to be an architect. Twenty-eight years since his senseless and racist murder, schools can help to create a legacy for change by focusing on classrooms, community and careers. Deborah Lawson explains

Earth Day 2021: Inspiring young global citizens

5 April 2021

This year’s Earth Day on April 22 offers secondary schools the chance to engage pupils in issues relating to climate change and environmental protection. Harriet Marshall and Matthew Smitheman offer some ideas

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