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A teacher’s guide to retrieval practice: Metacognition

18 May 2022

Continuing his series on the potential of retrieval practice, spaced learning, and successive relearning in the classroom, Kristian Still turns to metacognition, the importance of students accurately regulating their learning, and how we can help them to do this

Teachers collaborating on the curriculum

17 May 2022

It is teachers who deliver the curriculum, so curriculum design and implementation through collaboration is a clear way to improve teaching and learning quality, says Richard Jackson

Safeguarding: Getting the basics right – every time

16 May 2022

The basics of safeguarding revolve around identifying children at risk of harm and we can never take this work for granted. Elizabeth Rose recaps the four main types of abuse, the principles of effective staff training, and the basics of keeping children safe from serious harm

Stress, anxiety, and developing our teachers

2 May 2022

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Anxious? If we are to put in place a schools recovery plan to help teaching staff and leaders, we need to know what challenges we are addressing and how to address them. Gareth Conyard reflects on wellbeing and CPD

A teacher’s guide to retrieval practice: Spaced learning

20 April 2022

Continuing his series on the potential of retrieval practice, spaced learning, successive relearning, and metacognitive approaches in the classroom, this time Kristian Still focuses on the ‘spaced’ element, looking at the underpinning research and drawing out important lessons for teachers

Seven ways my Master’s has improved my teaching

19 April 2022

Head of year Dave Stephenson recently completed his Master’s in learning and teaching. In this article, he describes the seven positive effects the experience has had for his teaching practice

Early retirement: Five things teachers must consider

19 April 2022

More teachers than ever before are considering early retirement. Lee Quinn, a specialist financial advisor, outlines the key factors to keep in mind for those considering stepping away from the profession

A teacher’s guide to retrieval practice: Let’s make some memories (stick)

30 March 2022

The potential impact of retrieval practice, spaced learning, successive relearning, and metacognitive approaches in the classroom cannot be underestimated. In this series, Kristian Still looks at nine interlinked elements crucial to these approaches and draws out important lessons for teachers from ...

Safeguarding: What does a culture of safety look like?

15 March 2022

Safer working practice in schools is crucial to establishing safe cultures and ensuring effective safeguarding. In this article, Elizabeth Rose explains how schools can minimise opportunity for harm perpetrated by those working with children

The climate crisis, the curriculum and CPD

22 February 2022

The role of school leadership in ensuring schools respond to the environmental challenges of our generation is crucial, and teacher support and professional development will play a key role. Heena Dave advises

The science of starting your lessons well

26 January 2022

Start as you mean to go on. Doctoral researcher and classroom educator Sean Harris examines some of the practical and research-informed routines for starting lessons well

Safeguarding: Spotting the signs of domestic abuse

11 January 2022

Sadly, some children returning to school after Christmas will have been victims of domestic abuse. Elizabeth Rose considers what this could look like, the signs and symptoms staff might see and practical ways to respond

How flexible working can succeed in your secondary school

4 January 2022

Flexible working is increasingly seen as a solution to recruitment and retention challenges, especially given our recent experience during Covid. Colin Hooker advises on some effective ways to offer flexible options which benefit schools, staff and pupils

The fear of physical touch: A new teacher's nightmare

7 December 2021

Why is the fear of physical contact with pupils such a nightmare for new teachers? Alan Newland argues it needn’t be – and urges the revival of the maxim ‘in loco parentis’ as our guiding principle

Simplifying our practice: Lesson planning

6 December 2021

In a series of five articles, Adam Riches is looking at how we might simplify common classroom practice in order to make teaching and learning more effective. Part five looks at lesson planning

Why and how we should be using retrieval practice and spaced learning

1 December 2021

Retrieval practice alone is not enough. We must also consider spaced learning, interleaving, feedback and metacognition if we are to have an impact on the retention and transfer of knowledge and skills. Kristian Still looks at why we must use and combine all five approaches

Classroom management tips for NQTs

24 November 2021

Classroom management is the bread and butter of effective teaching – and is just like running a successful restaurant! In this article, Steve Burnage offers a menu of nine tips for effective classroom management

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