Leadership and Policy

Covid, mental health and the implications for schools

23 May 2022

The pandemic has certainly had an impact on the mental health and wellbeing of young people, but how and to what extent? Dr Stephanie Thornton reviews the emerging research evidence and explores the implications for schools and those working with students

Political impartiality: Ten ways to sit on a fence

17 May 2022

The government’s new political impartiality guidance has caused some consternation in schools, with fears of a potential ‘chilling’ effect on teaching. Andrew Jones considers 10 strategies for tackling ‘political’ issues impartially

Safeguarding: Getting the basics right – every time

16 May 2022

The basics of safeguarding revolve around identifying children at risk of harm and we can never take this work for granted. Elizabeth Rose recaps the four main types of abuse, the principles of effective staff training, and the basics of keeping children safe from serious harm

A school leader’s to-do list: The summer term

26 April 2022

As a school leader, what should be on your to-do list for May, June and July? Author of The School Leader’s Year, Dr Michael Harpham, offers a priority list of preparations, actions and evaluations for the summer term for middle and senior leaders

Creating anti-racist school communities

19 April 2022

In light of the shocking experience of child Q, Angelina Idun considers the responsibility schools have for tackling discrimination and reflects on how listening to our young people can help us move our race equality work forward

SONAR leadership and a pedagogy of connection

19 April 2022

School leaders should ‘seek first to understand, then to be understood’ if they are to build relationships – and that requires active listening. John Dabell explains the principles of SONAR leadership

How can we support pupils who have Long Covid?

5 April 2022

How does Long Covid affect children and young people in the classroom and what can teaching staff do to help them? In the second of two articles on the impact of Long Covid on the young, Dr Sue Peters offers some practical advice

Safeguarding: What does a culture of safety look like?

15 March 2022

Safer working practice in schools is crucial to establishing safe cultures and ensuring effective safeguarding. In this article, Elizabeth Rose explains how schools can minimise opportunity for harm perpetrated by those working with children

Succeeding as an EAL coordinator: Eight secrets to success

14 March 2022

The role of EAL coordinators is crucial to the successful integration and education of students using English as an additional language. Emily Maybanks offers eight tenets of good practice that can bolster the achievement of this diverse cohort of young people

Engaging parents: An innovative approach to tutor time

7 March 2022

An innovative approach to tutor time combined with the effective use of technology has helped one school to reach-out to unengaged parents. Principal Dan Locke-Wheaton explains more, including a look at recent research into parental engagement

Staff wellbeing: Which talking therapy is best for you?

7 March 2022

As a school leader, do you talk about the pressures you face? Talking helps wellbeing and prevents burn-out. Emily Kenneally considers how you can make time to talk and outlines different types of talking therapy and their uses

Weaving health and safety into school culture

28 February 2022

Health and safety needn’t be complex or onerous. It’s about being curious and using common sense, especially when it comes to risk assessments. Stephen Horn offers some advice for school leaders

Boosting social mobility: Seven building blocks for schools

22 February 2022

The tail of educational underachievement for disadvantaged students risks getting longer. Dr Jonathan Doherty looks at the state of play after two years of Covid, considers where now for social mobility, and discusses seven building blocks for schools to help raise attainment for disadvantaged ...

The growing problem of loneliness: How schools can respond

14 February 2022

The mental health crisis has been exacerbated by the pandemic, with schools reporting increasing feelings of loneliness in particular. Charlie Venter explains how his school is supporting pupils' wellbeing, including tackling loneliness

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