Staff wellbeing

Eight tips for better conversations at work

22 June 2022

What if you could boost the morale of staff, make your team feel more valued, strengthen relationships, and increase effectiveness without any impact on staff workload and at zero cost? Helen Webb explains how to have better conversations

How to improve your workplace relationships

20 June 2022

People who feel they have a best friend at work are seven times more likely to be engaged in their roles. Leonie Hurrell looks at how we can build positive and healthy working relationships

Stress, anxiety, and developing our teachers

2 May 2022

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Anxious? If we are to put in place a schools recovery plan to help teaching staff and leaders, we need to know what challenges we are addressing and how to address them. Gareth Conyard reflects on wellbeing and CPD

Staff wellbeing: Which talking therapy is best for you?

7 March 2022

As a school leader, do you talk about the pressures you face? Talking helps wellbeing and prevents burn-out. Emily Kenneally considers how you can make time to talk and outlines different types of talking therapy and their uses

Addressing toxic gendered behaviour in schools

1 March 2022

As a society, we must address toxic gendered behaviour. In schools, the culture change needed to achieve gender equity is not an overnight process. Considering the practicalities of curriculum design, behaviour and other areas, Zahara Chowdhury advises how we can achieve long-term change and create ...

Staff mental health: Are you having your five-a-day?

22 November 2021

In a three-part series, Phil Denton considers the merits of initiatives to improve mental health. In part three, he meets school leader and self-confessed ‘Wellbeing Super Model’ Patrick Ottley-O’Connor and considers the NHS five steps to mental wellbeing resource

Suicide: How to support during crisis moments

7 November 2021

Supporting someone – a student or colleague – who is suicidal may feel daunting, but you can make a difference with some small actions. Dr Pooky Knightsmith explains

Taking a step back from burn-out...

25 October 2021

Burn-out is not inevitable. As a school leader, how do you take care of yourself? Frances Robertson urges you to avoid burn-out by making time to reflect and step back from the chaos...

The 5Ps of staff wellbeing

22 August 2021

Ahead of her session at our forthcoming Pupil Mental Health online conference, Frederika Roberts explores the five Ps of staff wellbeing and why staff wellbeing is at the heart of whole-school wellbeing

Five steps to school staff wellbeing

31 May 2021

After the year we have had, schools must be placing staff wellbeing at the top of the agenda – and it is not hard to do. Sophie Howells offers five easy approaches to get you started

Staff wellbeing: Five resilience hacks

5 April 2021

Protecting the wellbeing of our education workforce is crucial during the pandemic. Martina Witter offers five resilience hacks for teaching staff to help support wellbeing during these times of change and uncertainty

Ventilation and hygiene: Advice and tips for secondary schools

16 March 2021

One year on and good ventilation, good hygiene and mask-wearing remain at the heart of keeping school sites and classrooms Covid-safe. It is worth reminding ourselves of the safest approaches. Dr Neil Bacon offers some advice and tips for secondary schools

Full re-opening on March 8: Safeguarding priorities

24 February 2021

With schools due to re-open fully from March 8, safeguarding issues will be foremost in our minds and our preparations must begin now. Expert Elizabeth Rose advises on what our priorities and approaches should look like

Boost pastoral outcomes by investing in your staff

15 February 2021

Drawing on the excellent work of Cardiff High School and The Marlborough School, Daniel Sobel discusses how ensuring the wellbeing of your students begins with prioritising the wellbeing of your staff

Lockdown: Five ideas for maintaining your team’s morale

26 January 2021

Many of us are finding the third national lockdown much tougher than those that have gone before. Dr Pooky Knightsmith offers five simple ideas that will help us to maintain the morale and wellbeing of our colleagues and school teams

Wellbeing at Christmas: Time to focus on you

7 December 2020

This Christmas holiday may be the first time that many teachers and school leaders have chance to take a breath and step back from the chaos and stress of Covid-19. Sophie Howells says that now is the time to prioritise your wellbeing – and offers some ideas

How to collect staff feedback on workload and wellbeing

25 November 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, it is important to check in on your staff to see how remote learning and Covid restrictions are affecting their workload and wellbeing. Katherine Fowler shares some practical tips on how to talk to your staff and gather feedback, so that you can help ...

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