Reducing school exclusions: Fixing the system

5 July 2022

Rather than resorting to exclusion, London South East Academies Trust is working as a strategic partner with local authorities to identify and address the underlying needs of children within its mainstream settings. Claire Muccio explains

PSHE: We need to talk about cannabis

20 June 2022

Use of cannabis among teenagers is on the rise and charity the Alcohol Education Trust has responded with new workshops for schools. CEO Helena Conibear offers some tips on tackling cannabis education

How to handle conspiracy theories in the classroom

15 June 2022

Increasingly, conspiracy theories are making their way into the classroom. How should we respond as teachers? Andrew Jones discusses prebunking and debunking these theories and offers strategies for the classroom

Safeguarding: Responding to harmful sexual behaviours

14 June 2022

Responding to and addressing harmful sexual behaviours is now a key part of safeguarding practice. Carmel Glassbrook considers 10 forms this behaviour might take and how we can respond and support students

Statutory RSE – a role for all teaching staff

23 May 2022

Statutory RSE is not just a list of topics to tick off a list, it should be relevant to children’s everyday lives and reach across the curriculum. Indeed, in many ways, all teachers are teachers of RSE. Lucy Emmerson explains

Safeguarding: Getting the basics right – every time

16 May 2022

The basics of safeguarding revolve around identifying children at risk of harm and we can never take this work for granted. Elizabeth Rose recaps the four main types of abuse, the principles of effective staff training, and the basics of keeping children safe from serious harm

Push the button to close safeguarding gaps

9 May 2022

The simple introduction of an online reporting button has played an important supporting role in safeguarding secondary students at the Castle Phoenix Trust. Alex Handy explains

Creating anti-racist school communities

19 April 2022

In light of the shocking experience of child Q, Angelina Idun considers the responsibility schools have for tackling discrimination and reflects on how listening to our young people can help us move our race equality work forward

Tackling sexual harassment and misogyny in schools

4 April 2022

Violent and misogynistic views and actions experienced by so many women in our society can often have their roots in unchallenged attitudes and behaviours in childhood. This puts schools on the front-line. Peter Radford challenges us to consider how we respond...

Bullying, crime, school, society: Keeping students on track

4 April 2022

Bullying is not just a problem for schools – has clear links to wider anti-social behaviour and crime in local areas. In the second of two articles, Dr Mandy Shaw, Vaughan Clarke, and Graham Moore consider how we must respond

There may be trouble ahead: Getting attendance right

29 March 2022

Poor school attendance can be a key warning sign of more serious problems to come for a vulnerable child. But how can we intervene to re-engage pupils and improve attendance? Darren Martindale advises

Supporting good mental health: Two case studies

28 March 2022

The impact of the pandemic has exacerbated mental health and wellbeing challenges for many students. From wellbeing rooms to the five tiers of mental health support, Emma Lee-Potter looks at how two schools are acting to support pupil wellbeing

Emotionally based school avoidance: Five tips

23 March 2022

A SecEd webinar on emotionally based school avoidance attracted thousands of viewers. In this article, which first appeared in SecEd's Back from the Brink supplement, Dr Pooky Knightsmith picks up the discussion, offering five steps to re-engage with pupils who struggle to attend school

Safeguarding: What does a culture of safety look like?

15 March 2022

Safer working practice in schools is crucial to establishing safe cultures and ensuring effective safeguarding. In this article, Elizabeth Rose explains how schools can minimise opportunity for harm perpetrated by those working with children

Addressing toxic gendered behaviour in schools

1 March 2022

As a society, we must address toxic gendered behaviour. In schools, the culture change needed to achieve gender equity is not an overnight process. Considering the practicalities of curriculum design, behaviour and other areas, Zahara Chowdhury advises how we can achieve long-term change and create ...

Pupil Premium tutoring: A Champion for Every Child

15 February 2022

A Champion for Every Child is a pastoral tutoring programme that has had a notable impact for thousands of Pupil Premium pupils across the Kemnal Academies Trust. Emma Lee-Potter finds out more

Online safety and safeguarding: A guide for schools

8 February 2022

Following disturbing revelations from the Internet Watch Foundation, safeguarding expert Elizabeth Rose looks at online safety considerations and details what schools must have in place to respond to ever-changing risks

Bereavement, death and grief in the classroom

31 January 2022

It is important to speak about death in the classroom, but these conversations can be difficult to navigate. Annabelle Shaw from bereavement charity Project Eileen advises

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