Mental health

Covid, mental health and the implications for schools

23 May 2022

The pandemic has certainly had an impact on the mental health and wellbeing of young people, but how and to what extent? Dr Stephanie Thornton reviews the emerging research evidence and explores the implications for schools and those working with students

Exams season: Responding to a panic attack

10 May 2022

Would you know how to support a student who is having a panic attack? With exam season upon us, Dr Pooky Knightsmith offers some pointers for helping anyone who is struggling

How can we support pupils who have Long Covid?

5 April 2022

How does Long Covid affect children and young people in the classroom and what can teaching staff do to help them? In the second of two articles on the impact of Long Covid on the young, Dr Sue Peters offers some practical advice

Supporting good mental health: Two case studies

28 March 2022

The impact of the pandemic has exacerbated mental health and wellbeing challenges for many students. From wellbeing rooms to the five tiers of mental health support, Emma Lee-Potter looks at how two schools are acting to support pupil wellbeing

Emotionally based school avoidance: Five tips

23 March 2022

A SecEd webinar on emotionally based school avoidance attracted thousands of viewers. In this article, which first appeared in SecEd's Back from the Brink supplement, Dr Pooky Knightsmith picks up the discussion, offering five steps to re-engage with pupils who struggle to attend school

How do we talk about Ukraine? Engaging with young people over the war

9 March 2022

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues and the international crisis grows, students will be filled with questions and concerns. Just how should school staff approach these challenging conversations? Dr Stephanie Thornton looks at the likely impact of the war on young people and what we can ...

Staff wellbeing: Which talking therapy is best for you?

7 March 2022

As a school leader, do you talk about the pressures you face? Talking helps wellbeing and prevents burn-out. Emily Kenneally considers how you can make time to talk and outlines different types of talking therapy and their uses

Pupil Premium tutoring: A Champion for Every Child

15 February 2022

A Champion for Every Child is a pastoral tutoring programme that has had a notable impact for thousands of Pupil Premium pupils across the Kemnal Academies Trust. Emma Lee-Potter finds out more

The growing problem of loneliness: How schools can respond

14 February 2022

The mental health crisis has been exacerbated by the pandemic, with schools reporting increasing feelings of loneliness in particular. Charlie Venter explains how his school is supporting pupils' wellbeing, including tackling loneliness

Bereavement, death and grief in the classroom

31 January 2022

It is important to speak about death in the classroom, but these conversations can be difficult to navigate. Annabelle Shaw from bereavement charity Project Eileen advises

Safeguarding: Incels and radicalisation

25 January 2022

What are incels and how can safeguarding practice in schools respond to this new and rapidly emerging threat? Elizabeth Rose offers some practical advice and reassures safeguarding leads that addressing this threat need not be complicated

Safeguarding: Be vigilant for signs of incel culture

10 January 2022

So-called ‘incel’ culture and extremism hit the headlines in the UK last year. What do schools need to know and what can they do about it as part of safeguarding work? Hannah Glossop offers some advice

Staff mental health: Are you having your five-a-day?

22 November 2021

In a three-part series, Phil Denton considers the merits of initiatives to improve mental health. In part three, he meets school leader and self-confessed ‘Wellbeing Super Model’ Patrick Ottley-O’Connor and considers the NHS five steps to mental wellbeing resource

Suicide: How to support during crisis moments

7 November 2021

Supporting someone – a student or colleague – who is suicidal may feel daunting, but you can make a difference with some small actions. Dr Pooky Knightsmith explains

Mental health: Make Talk Your Goal

25 October 2021

In a three-part series, Phil Denton considers the merits of a number of initiatives set-up to improve the mental health of our young people. In part two, he introduces the school-led Make Talk Your Goal programme

Taking a step back from burn-out...

25 October 2021

Burn-out is not inevitable. As a school leader, how do you take care of yourself? Frances Robertson urges you to avoid burn-out by making time to reflect and step back from the chaos...

Mental health: A rowing revolution

11 October 2021

In a three-part series, Phil Denton considers the merits of a number of initiatives set-up to improve the mental health of our young people. In part one, he introduces the work of Ben Dunne, both via the River Reeves Foundation and Warrington Youth Rowing

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