Health, Wellbeing and Behaviour

Helping young carers

11 October 2012

Amanda Bostock discusses how her school has changed its practices to ensure that it offers full support to its young carers.

Supporting BME students

11 October 2012

Are schools doing enough to meet the needs of their increasingly diverse population? Linda Tanner reports on programmes that have been proven to make the difference for Black and minority ethnic children.

LEAP to success

4 October 2012

In a bid to tackle its problems with exclusions, Baverstock School introduced the 'LEAP' Department. Thomas Marshall explains.

Anti-Bullying Week 2012

27 September 2012

With Anti-Bullying Week running from November 19 to 23, Lauren Seager-Smith from the Anti-Bullying Alliance explains how schools can get behind the campaign.

Our Money, Our Future

20 September 2012

The National Children's Bureau and financial education charity pfeg are helping young people to campaign for financial education to be taught in their school and have released a new toolkit. Sophie Wood explains.

Alive and Kicking

13 September 2012

As the rates of childhood obesity continue to escalate, nutritionist David Tchilingirian explains the importance of parent and teacher collaboration in tackling the issue and looks at an NHS-funded programme that is aiming to help.

The children who are accused of being witches

6 September 2012

Police in London investigate nine cases a year where a child's welfare is at risk because someone believes them to be a witch or possessed by a demonic spirit. DC Tina Pearce explains the role that schools have to play.

A Future in Food

30 August 2012

One school's involvement with the national A Future in Food programme has set their pupils on an inspiring journey into the world of work. Moira Stalker explains.

Reaching their full potential

5 July 2012

The Prince's Trust's xl programme helps students who may, for whatever reason, be struggling in schools to achieve their potential. Lauren Hyams explains.

Developing healthy habits

14 June 2012

What can pupils' attitudes towards how they eat and exercise tell us about the role schools play in promoting healthy habits? Surveys and research by the NFER reveal some interesting insights.

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