Higher education

Eight key skills to embed in the curriculum

19 June 2014

The recent Learning Curve report identified eight skills that are crucial to young people’s future success. Phil Parker argues that all eight must be embedded across the curriculum.

Are they prepared for uni?

22 May 2014

Much is said about a school’s role in preparing students for the trials of university life. We asked first year university student Jess Elliott to consider how well prepared she was by her school experience.

Using mentoring to raise student aspirations

30 January 2014

The Brightside mentoring programme helps to raise students’ aspirations when it comes to careers and higher education. One of its early supporters was Imperial College London, which still embraces the vital role of mentoring today. Annalisa Alexander expl

Four steps to choosing your university

21 November 2013

With 189 higher education institutions offering thousands of courses, deciding on which option to take can be difficult for students. Owen O’Neill offers some advice.

Plagiarism pitfalls: Preparing your students

7 November 2013

Plagiarism is a real danger for students progressing to university. Dr Cath Ellis looks at what universities expect from students, while Gill Rowell considers how schools can design course assignments to teach key essay skills and steer students away from

Not going to university?

11 October 2012

Andrew Shanahan, author of The Guide to Not Going to University, looks at some of the common concerns students have about alternative pathways.

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