Careers and Higher Education

Tips to enhance your careers guidance provision

26 September 2013

With the recent criticism of careers guidance in schools, award-winning careers advisor Susan Burke, who runs a free resource for teachers and students, offers her tips on enhancing your careers provision.

Introducing Traineeships

12 September 2013

The government’s new programme of pre-Apprenticeship course – called Traineeships – are aimed at boosting youth employability skills. David Grailey explains.

Preparing your students for the job hunt

23 May 2013

Employers today are very clear on the importance of skills in young people entering the jobs market. Jackie Sherman looks at how school-leavers may demonstrate their employability skills.

Staying on to 18 – how is your school preparing?

9 May 2013

The raising of the participation age has not attracted wide attention but will be among the most challenging changes for many schools. Headteacher Pamela Massett explains how her school is preparing.

Employers in the classroom

21 March 2013

John Morris explains how he used his 25 years of management development experience, working with companies including Debenhams, Lloyds TSB and the Home Office, to boost the confidence and educational development of disadvantaged children.

Busting the theatre myths

7 March 2013

Students who want to work in the theatre are often put-off their ambitions for fear it is too tough an industry. Susan Elkin’s new book aims to help schools better advise young people.

Mentoring: Unlocking their potential

24 January 2013

The Unlocking Potential mentoring programme – a partnership between AQA and the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust – is being continued in 2013 after remarkable success last year. Andrew Hall explains how you can nominate your students.

How secondary schools can effectively tackle NEETs

7 November 2012

How can secondary schools keep pupils who are at risk of becoming NEET engaged and on track to progress? We look at a range of approaches and techniques that new research has shown to be effective.

Giving the right careers advice

18 October 2012

With new duties for schools to deliver independent and impartial careers advice, the role of careers advisors has never been so important. Sarah Chapman looks at some approaches that advisors and schools can take.

Not going to university?

11 October 2012

Andrew Shanahan, author of The Guide to Not Going to University, looks at some of the common concerns students have about alternative pathways.

On the right careers path

27 September 2012

Schools now have a legal duty to provide year 9 to 11 students impartial and independent careers advice. Christine Buccella looks at some free web resources that might help.

You're hired!

30 August 2012

An Apprentice-style scheme in Inverclyde is helping young people to learn business skills and find employment. Jackie Cosh explains.

Inspiring the future

5 July 2012

A new initiative is aiming to give state pupils the same opportunities as their independent school peers when it comes to meeting employers and getting crucial career insights. Carol Glover explains

The problem with UCAS personal statements

21 June 2012

With fees set to hit £9,000 and no rise in the proportion of state school applicants to the top universities, Dr Steven Jones reports on a proposed remedy that may actually be part of the problem.

Students' science aspirations

21 June 2012

Professor Louise Archer reports on research into the attitudes of young students towards STEM subjects and careers as they move from primary to secondary ― and the implications for key stage 3 teaching.

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