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An accident waiting to happen?

22 October 2019

Are we sleep-walking into privatisation? Are we as school leaders complicit? David Dixon fears the state system may collapse under the weight of its own complexity and bureaucracy

Age discrimination: Time to celebrate experience

11 June 2019

Age discrimination is a real threat for older teachers in schools according to evidence from the NASUWT, which is launching a new campaign to tackle the issue. Chris Keates explains

The great school holiday debate

5 December 2018

How would you restructure the school year to better support and improve teacher wellbeing and student learning? Gerry Mallaghan proposes a shorter summer break and longer half-terms...

Diary of a Headteacher: On our way back

5 December 2018

The transformation of our headteacher diarist’s school continues. There is a long way to go, but the progress being made, step by step, is palpable

There may be trouble ahead...

26 September 2018

From Ofsted to the Spending Review – former schools minister David Laws gives SecEd the inside track on the six challenges facing the education secretary in the year ahead...

A plea to Damian Hinds...

12 September 2018

As another year gets underway, what big decisions face schools and what challenges face the education secretary? Sir Mike Griffiths outlines what he sees as the key challenges

Diary of an NQT: All change...

3 January 2018

Our NQT diarist has lost some of the classes with which he had been making good progress, and has been given a new challenging history group...

NQT Special: Your rights and entitlements as an NQT

29 November 2017

Welcome to SecEd’s NQT special edition. The next eight pages offer a range of advice for NQTs as they approach the end of their first term. To begin, Chris Keates looks at the entitlements and ...

Dangerous ideas in the White Paper

4 May 2016

Total academisation is not the only deeply controversial policy within the new White Paper. The replacement of qualified teacher status is an equally dangerous idea, warns Chris Keates

At the chalkface: Statistics

27 April 2016

Forty-three per cent of teachers plan to leave in the next five years and early retirement will increase. Good riddance. I was teaching at 100. Some of my best friends are posthumous and they’re ...

You have left us little choice, Nicky Morgan

20 April 2016

Education secretary Nicky Morgan took on the teacher trade unions during the Easter conference season, but her ‘call to arms’ only served to show us exactly what this government thinks the role of ...

Tackling the teacher recruitment crisis

24 February 2016

We face a situation where teacher burn-out is becoming an accepted part of education. Chris Keates calls for action in a bid to tackle teacher workload and stem the recruitment crisis

The DfE's obsession with ED Hirsch

30 September 2015

Have we redesigned our entire national curriculum simply because one man read a book in 2005? SecEd editor Pete Henshaw on the Department for Education’s obsession with Professor ED Hirsch

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