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Research studies highlight online harms

11 September 2019

Two recent studies have highlighted potential risks faced by young people who use social media and the dangers posed by e-sports gambling. Emma Lee-Potter reports

Gaming addiction inquiry

29 January 2019

Teachers are being asked to give their views and experiences of gaming and addictive technologies and their impact on young people.

Social media guide

14 November 2018

A resource offering pragmatic guidance about social media use for teenagers has been published.

A quarter of CAMHS referrals are rejected

10 October 2018

More than 55,000 children were refused mental health treatment in 2017/18 as providers of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) rejected as many as one in four referrals.

Every school day, 183 pupils are referred to CAMHS

16 May 2018

Overall referrals continue to soar, with at least 35,000 last year. However, one-third of pupils referred to CAMHS are being turned away and declined specialist treatment. Pete Henshaw reports

Recruitment campaign aims to boost RE teacher numbers

21 February 2018

A severe shortage of religious education teachers will result in pupils being unequipped to understand or challenge the stereotypes that contribute to religious discrimination, supporters of the ...

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