Tackling biphobia

Written by: Pete Henshaw | Published:

Stonewall has released guidance for secondary schools to help combat “bi-erasure” and biphobia.

Celebrating Bi Inclusion in Secondary Schools is designed to provide specific insight into the experiences of bi young people in schools and highlight issues that bi people of all ages continue to face.

Bi people are often the forgotten part of the LGBT acronym and can face a double discrimination – not only do they face abuse from straight people, but also from lesbian and gay people.

The Stonewall School Report research found that three in four LGBT pupils (76 per cent) have never learnt about bisexuality. It also found that one in three bi pupils (35 per cent) are bullied for being LGBT.

Stonewall’s new resource identifies three key ways in which schools can tackle these problems – training staff, talking about bi issues with students, and building an inclusive school environment. Examples of some of the practical steps covered in the guide include talking points for teachers to increase the understanding of the unique experiences that bi people face, as well as tips on how to interweave bi role-
models into the curriculum.

As well as further Stonewall school resources, the guide signposts to bi community networks and resources.

Visit http://bit.ly/2ruAdEG


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