Call for a more creative curriculum


Children and young people need a more creative curriculum with problem-solving and critical-thinking if they are to be prepared for the modern workplace, according to a study.

It said that teachers are concerned that they are being forced to teach to the test, which dulls a creative approach, and that the current curriculum does nothing to help creativity flourish.

The study – entitled Building the Future: Creativity and playful learning in the classroom – also found that communication, problem-solving and critical-thinking are the most important skills that schools should develop in students, and a more creative, hands-on approach was needed to inspire up-take of STEM subjects, and develop skills relevant for the future.

The pilot study of 105 UK teachers, headteachers and heads of department, carried out by LEGO, said that a hands-on, creative approach tended to boost student engagement, improved outcomes and helped to prepare pupils for the future workplace. Teachers participating also agreed that skills are important to all subjects, but in particular maths, science, ICT and design and technology.

Jacob Kragh, president of LEGO Education, said: “Our study clearly shows that teaching has become more than just imparting knowledge. Teachers acknowledge that a broader range of skills is needed if today’s students are to succeed, and that a hands-on, more engaging approach better prepares them for the future.”

The study concluded that teachers should be given support and resources to allow for more playful and hands-on learning, which should be embedded in the curriculum. 

Creativity should not be regarded as a “nice to have” and restricted to arts subjects, but as fundamental to successful teaching and learning in STEM and other subjects.

School should also ensure that skills such as communication, problem-solving and critical thinking are integrated throughout the curriculum, and that creative approaches should be given more credit when evaluating school performance.


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