Bett 2018: The EDUCATE collaboration

13 December 2017

The EDUCATE project is bringing together teachers, researchers and tech innovators in a bid to solve some of the challenges facing schools. Professor Rose Luckin explains more ahead of its formal launch at Bett

Ninth Pupil Premium & Ofsted Conference

6 December 2017

Advice on how schools can meet Ofsted’s inspection requirements when it comes to their Pupil Premium provision and outcomes will take centre stage at the Ninth National Pupil Premium and Ofsted Conference.

Resources and news round-up

6 December 2017

This week's resources and news round-up includes an app addressing issues of self-harm, details of a programme of live streamed lessons from the Royal Shakespeare Company, information on the 9th National Pupil Premium and Ofsted Conference, and details of the government's recent SEN funding ...

Workload action call to boost retention rates in Wales

22 November 2017

Wales’s largest education union has claimed that “unsustainable workload” and a lack of “respect for the teaching profession” must be addressed to prevent a “crisis” in teacher recruitment and retention.

Vocabulary: too big to ‘teach’?

22 November 2017

Is it possible to ‘teach’ vocabulary, or is the notion too vague, complex and big to contemplate? Erin Miller looks at this whole-school challenge and offers a few ideas

'Fragile’ computer science hit by CPD and recruitment woes

15 November 2017

A call has been made for a £60m CPD investment to boost teacher skills in computer science after a report reveals that more than half of schools do not offer computer science GCSE and that years of missed recruitment targets mean we have an under-supply of qualified teachers...

Research casts doubt on US observation approach

15 November 2017

Introducing more frequent and structured lesson observations makes no difference to pupils’ GCSE outcomes in English and maths, according to the latest research findings from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF).

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