A blueprint for the future of our education system

25 September 2014

After a year-long inquiry, school leaders have published for consultation a vision of what a self-improving education system should look like in 2020 – a vision that consists of six strands.

Changing education’s ‘aid’ mindset

25 September 2014

We continue to fail young people living in disadvantaged communities. The winner of this year’s £10,000 Teach First Innovation Award, Graeme Duncan argues that a move away from the ‘aid mindset’ is required.

Referendum 'destroys myth’ about young voters and politics

25 September 2014

The mass involvement of 16 and 17-year-olds in Scotland’s independence vote was the “real achievement” of the referendum last week and presents a unique opportunity for the future, according to the chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament.

Qualifications risk being ‘less relevant’, CBI warns

18 September 2014

Business leader warns that science and English qualifications risk being seen as 'less relevant' due to reforms, while also calling for a renewed focus on skills, work experience and careers guidance. Pete Henshaw reports.

Parents call for fairer school admissions

18 September 2014

Admission to comprehensive, grammar and private schools needs to be fairer, with school places being allocated randomly or by ballot, according to a study.

Scottish teachers 4th in world for classroom hours

18 September 2014

Scottish secondary teachers spend about 150 more hours in the classroom per year than their counterparts in England, according to a report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

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