‘You are a paedo and your daughter is a whore’

24 April 2014

There has been a call for action after thousands of teachers reported the sometimes horrifying and often disgusting abuse that they have received from both pupils and parents via social media. Pete Henshaw reports.

A local Big Bang

24 April 2014

Teachers can register for free to take their students to a Big Bang Near Me Fair. The regional STEM events aim to give young people a flavour of the range of jobs and careers that science, maths and design technology studies can lead to.

Are you ready to discuss gay marriage with pupils?

24 April 2014

As the government introduces legislation on equal marriage, enabling same-sex couples to marry for the first time, are teachers ready? Julian Stanley takes a look at some recent survey findings.

Economists of the future

24 April 2014

The chief economist at the Bank of England said that he would sleep well in the knowledge that there are so many up and coming young economists.

Absent without leave?

3 April 2014

New figures show a slight rise in school absence with local authorities issuing thousands more penalty notices. And while persistent absenteeism is down, vulnerable groups are still more likely to fall into this category. Pete Henshaw looks at the stats.

Scotland’s universities under fire over access

3 April 2014

Scottish universities are the “worst on access in the UK”, a student leader said, after figures showed two of the country’s most prestigious universities admitted fewer undergraduates from deprived backgrounds.

Teachers threaten further walk-outs as weekly talks continue

3 April 2014

As the weekly meetings continue between DfE officials and the education unions, Michael Gove writes to the general secretaries outlining three areas in which he is willing to take forward their suggestions. However, with his policies remaining firmly off

Pressure mounts to allow inspection of academy chains

3 April 2014

Michael Gove’s “reluctance” to allow Ofsted to inspect academy chains is unsurprising given the inspectorate’s damning report into schools within the E-ACT Multi-Academy Trust, it was said this week.

Poll reveals LGBT discrimination

3 April 2014

Two-thirds of teachers have witnessed homophobic harassment, while half have been personally discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, a poll has found.

Seven reasons why we face exam reforms ‘turmoil’

27 March 2014

School leaders have launched an attack on the new national curriculum, labelling it 'nebulous' and lacks rigour. At the same time, they have warned that delays and poor planning in seven key areas are obstructing preparations for the examination reforms.

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