School funding: The anger grows...

4 April 2019

The education secretary says he has ‘heard the message’ on funding. But with new figures claiming real-terms cuts of £270 per-pupil, will he take action? Chris Parr reports

Absence: Parent penalty notice system under fire

3 April 2019

With the latest figures showing a rise in unauthorised school absence, school leaders have warned that the current system of parental fines ‘drives a wedge between schools and families’ when the real problem is holiday pricing. Pete Henshaw reports

Pay deal reached in Scotland

3 April 2019

Scottish teachers have secured a pay deal worth 13.5 per cent over three years, including commitments to cut workload.

Concern over subject-choice in Scotland

3 April 2019

Parents and teachers have voiced concerns over a dwindling choice of subjects in secondary schools, which they say reflects cost-cutting rather than the goals of Curriculum for Excellence.

Schools urged to give teachers more flexible working options

20 March 2019

Recruitment & retention: Education secretary Damian Hinds urges schools to adopt flexible working and reveals his plan to let non-teachers ‘have a go’ in the classroom to see if teaching is the right career for them. Chris Parr reports

School funding: Ministers must end their ‘institutional deafness’

13 March 2019

Just days after MPs debated the school funding crisis, it is revealed that school leaders have written to millions of families to warn of the negative impact of budget cuts on school provision. Pete Henshaw reports on the growing pressure for ministers to act over school funding.

Reading for pleasure in decline

13 March 2019

The number of children and young people who enjoy reading and read daily outside school is in decline, a new study has revealed.

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