Millions of families struggling with the hidden costs of school

6 November 2014

The cost of schooling and its impact on the UK’s poorest families has been laid bare after an investigation led by young people themselves. With 3.7 million children living in poverty, their report makes a series of recommendations for schools and governm

Unhappy young ‘turn to smoking and drinking’

6 November 2014

Unhappiness among children and young people is a major factor in attracting them to smoking and drinking, against an overall downward trend in these behaviours for adolescents, researchers have found.

Shared campus model proves successful

6 November 2014

Neighbouring Catholic and Protestant secondary schools – chosen to be one of Northern Ireland’s first shared campuses – say working together significantly improves cross-community relations.

Does a career in teleportation or time travel beckon?

6 November 2014

Teleportation, invisibility cloaks, and even time travel. Today’s school children will see a number of popular science fiction concepts become a reality within their lifetime, experts have predicted – with important implications for their careers advice!

Fund offers £2m to tackle LGBT bullying in schools

6 November 2014

A £2m fund is launched to tackle LGBT bullying in schools after research has identified successful strategies that are already being used to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying. Pete Henshaw reports.

Fears over cuts to university teacher training courses

6 November 2014

Universities with teacher training colleges have lost almost a quarter of their places since 2012 as ministers have promoted the School Direct programme in its place, leading to teacher shortages in some subject areas, new research shows.

Shared education project gets injection of £25m

16 October 2014

An initiative that encourages secondary schools serving neighbouring Catholic and Protestant communities in Northern Ireland to work more closely is receiving a massive cash injection.

At a glance headlines: October 16, 2014

16 October 2014

Parental backing for a baccalaureate-style certificate to sum up academic and practical achievements, and a national conference on education's role in advancing gender equality are among SecEd's At a glance headlines for October 16, 2014.

Plea for TA review panel to discuss axing of support staff pay body

9 October 2014

Revisiting the scrapping of the support staff negotiating body and sharing best practice more widely. These are two of the suggestions that have already been put forward for consideration by an independent review set up to create new teaching assistant st

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