At a glance headlines: October 9, 2014

9 October 2014

Curriculum resources based on London's heritage, the annual ADHD Foundation conference, a social enterprise Apprenticeship and a new Shakespeare resource are among SecEd's At a glance headlines for October 9, 2014.

Mental health campaign offers free resources

2 October 2014

Schools are being urged to sign up to a campaign aimed at ending mental health discrimination, with a range of free resources on offer to help tackle this sensitive topic with students.

Algebra worry for A level mathematics

2 October 2014

Many teenagers are embarking on mathematics A level courses with an inadequate grasp of algebra – because they have been able to achieve a good grade at GCSE without mastering it.

Summit to sustain students’ referendum interest

2 October 2014

Scottish education secretary Michael Russell has announced a children and young people’s summit to keep up the momentum of democratic participation that marked the recent referendum on independence.

Attainment link to parents’ education

2 October 2014

Children’s educational attainment – and that of their parents – are the key factors in predicting whether youngsters are likely to live in poverty when they are adults.

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