The 100,000 ‘missing’ 16 to 18-year-olds

29 January 2015

There are more than 100,000 16 to 18-year-olds who have “simply disappeared“ from education and training, with local authorities having no idea where they are.

At a glance headlines: January 15, 2015

15 January 2015

Updates to DfE exclusion guidance, preparations for STEM Clubs Week and applications open for the new Character Awards. SecEd's at a glance headlines for January 15, 2015.

Researchers find ‘sibling spillover effect’

15 January 2015

From Bill Clinton to JK Rowling, first-born children have a reputation for being high-flyers who excel at school and work. But new research has found that having an older brother or sister who does well at school boosts the performance of younger siblings

Free resources to support computing lessons

15 January 2015

While almost three-quarters of computing teachers feel confident with the new curriculum, some are still unsure about the computer programming and coding aspects, a survey has revealed.

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