Lobby demands an end to ‘obsession’ with testing

30 April 2015

National and international teaching unions lobbied the annual general meeting of education and publishing company Pearson last week as part of a protest against high-stakes testing and the influence of profit-making organisations on education policy.

Charter aims to prevent support staff misuse

23 April 2015

A Charter has been drawn up in a bid to end the misuse of support staff by schools. The Association of Teachers and Lecturers unveiled the Support Staff Charter at its annual conference in Liverpool.

Core subject vacancies widespread as recruitment crisis deepens

23 April 2015

The complexity of teacher training routes and rising rolls are partly to blame as new poll reveals huge difficulties in recruiting teachers across many key subjects. School leaders have now suggested a 10-point plan to tackle the crisis. Pete Henshaw take

The time for action on workload is now, teachers say

23 April 2015

The time for complaining about workload is over – now is the time to do something about it. That was the message from union chiefs at the NASUWT annual conference earlier this month and delegates unanimously agreed.

Schools operating 'mocksteds' face strike threat

23 April 2015

Schools that operate so-called “mocksteds” or whose teachers face “excessive accountability” could face local strike action after a motion was passed unanimously by members of the National Union of Teachers.

General Election: The education battlelines

23 April 2015

With two weeks to go until polling day, all three major parties have unveiled their manifestos, all of which include a focus on secondary education. SecEd takes a look.

At a glance headlines: March 26, 2015

26 March 2015

Plans for Master's-level professional leadership courses, funding for governor recruitment support and a guide to A level reform are among SecEd's At a glance headlines for March 26, 2015.

Great Debate begins in Wales over new curriculum

26 March 2015

Wales education minister, Huw Lewis, is calling on teachers, pupils, parents and businesses to get involved in a “Great Debate” on the curriculum that will shape Wales’ future school system.

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