At a glance headlines: 29/9/2016

28 September 2016

Live lessons from the slopes of Everest, anti-bullying support, and dyslexia training are among the SecEd At a glance headlines for Thursday, September 29.

Proposal to raise taxes to fill teaching vacancies

28 September 2016

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have called for a rise in income tax to fund teacher recruitment after figures showed schools north of the border began the new academic year with more than 700 vacancies.

Careers advice: The Moments of Choice

14 September 2016

When taking decisions about their futures, young people feel overwhelmed by the choices in front of them. This is a key finding in a new report from the Careers & Enterprise Company. Claudia Harris explains

Widening access report sparks funding concerns

14 September 2016

Scottish universities have pledged to accept students from disadvantaged areas with lower exam results but they admit this will squeeze out some middle class candidates unless overall funding rises.

Olympic dream for assistant head

14 September 2016

Not many assistant heads run 20 miles before school, do a full day’s work, then fit in another run after lessons.

Anger over pregnancy discrimination in schools

7 September 2016

Thousands of women face redundancy or feel forced to leave their jobs when they get pregnant, MPs have warned. What’s more, the problem is twice as bad now than it was 10 years ago – with evidence that teachers are high on the list of those discriminated against. Pete Henshaw reports

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