Speech and language therapists raise workload alarm

1 February 2017

Almost half of speech and language therapists say that they do not have enough time or resources to provide support to students who have communication problems but who do not have Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs).

Wanted urgently: Around 6,800 more examiners

25 January 2017

As qualification reform brings longer, more complex and terminal examinations, there are warnings this week that almost 7,000 more examiners will be needed in the coming years. Pete Henshaw reports

Opportunity areas – more details emerge

25 January 2017

Six more ‘opportunity areas’ have been unveiled, with the DfE promising action to raise social mobility, but critics have pointed to the elephant in the room – funding. Pete Henshaw reports

Rising 15 to 19 suicide rates spark a focus on self-harm

18 January 2017

With increasing numbers of young teenagers taking their own lives, and thousands of young people self-harming, the National Suicide Prevention Strategy is expanding its remit to specifically target a reduction in self-harm. Pete Henshaw reports

Young teens willing to do ‘whatever it takes’ to look good

18 January 2017

More than a third of young people are willing to do “whatever it takes to look good”. Furthermore, more than half of them worry about how they look, while a third of students isolate themselves to avoid activities because of body image anxiety.

Today's students more anxious about life

18 January 2017

Today’s young people are plagued with worries about their job prospects, self-confidence and the current political and economic climate, new research has found.

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