At a glance headlines: 1/12/2016

30 November 2016

Crucial support for bereaved pupils, a social action campaign, STEM support for students and a new teacher recruitment charity are among the SecEd at a glance headlines for December 1, 2016

Students inspired by trip to CERN

30 November 2016

A day talking to scientists who are looking into how the world, the universe and everything in it was created has sparked an interest in science for one group of young people.

Hate speech on rise since Brexit vote

16 November 2016

Scottish schools need to put race issues “explicitly back on the agenda” amid signs that the Brexit vote has helped make hate speech more acceptable among young people, teachers have told MSPs.

CERN offer for science teachers

16 November 2016

Wales’ education secretary has urged teachers to grasp a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity for career development.

A year on and still no EBacc plan

9 November 2016

Questions are being asked this week as to why the government is still to respond to its consultation over plans to make 90 per cent of children take the English Baccalaureate suite of GCSEs.

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