Children with speech and language needs face postcode lottery

11 June 2019

Despite a government pledge to tackle the “word gap” between rich and poor children, the amount being spent to support a child with speech and language difficulties varies from as little as £31 to as much as £291 a year depending on where they live.

Universities under pressure to widen access

10 June 2019

England’s universities are coming under significant pressure to do much more to widen access to higher education for our most disadvantaged students. Chris Parr reports

FIP inspection scheme stalled

5 June 2019

Northern Ireland’s “special measures” scheme has effectively been stalled due to industrial action by teachers.

Irish language education drive

5 June 2019

Subject specialists in Northern Ireland secondary schools are being encouraged to make the switch to Irish language education.

Ofsted to keep grading system despite criticism

8 May 2019

The ‘outstanding’ to ‘inadequate’ grading system is here to stay despite on-going concerns over reliability and validity of inspectors’ judgements. Pete Henshaw takes a look

Headteachers take a stand on school and SEN funding

8 May 2019

Despite the DfE's call for evidence, headteachers have hit out at inadequate levels of SEN funding and are threatening to take a stand against the general cost-cutting measures being forced on schools. Dorothy Lepkowska reports

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