Review of Estyn makes 34 recommendations for change

13 June 2018

All inspections suspended for a year, grading to be scrapped, and a focus on validating schools’ self-evaluation are among the recommendations for change in a significant independent review into inspectorate Estyn, published last week.

Great Get Together for Jo Cox

13 June 2018

Hundreds of schools will be taking part in assemblies, sports and other events on June 22 as part of the second annual Great Get Together. The event will mark what would have been the 44th birthday of MP Jo Cox, who was murdered a week before the EU referendum in 2016.

Junk food at least once a week

13 June 2018

A majority of secondary school students buy food such as chips or fried chicken at least once a week, new research suggests.

Into Film Festival 2018

13 June 2018

?The world’s largest youth film festival will take place once again this November, when more than 3,000 free screenings and events are planned across the UK.

10th National Pupil Premium Conference launches

6 June 2018

Two keynote presentations and 17 workshops covering topics ranging from the vocabulary gap and classroom practice to looked after children and CPD are on offer for delegates at SecEd’s 10th National Pupil Premium and Ofsted Conference.

Arts and Minds launches for 2018

6 June 2018

UK schools are being invited to join the fight against racism, prejudice and hate by taking part in the annual Arts and Minds competition.

Schools warn of more cuts to come as budget pressures bite

23 May 2018

Funding pressures are forcing schools to cut back on CPD, teaching staff, support staff, curriculum options, ICT, enrichment, maintenance and more in a bid to make ends meet – and there is more to come unless the government acts. Pete Henshaw takes a look

Cyber security courses

23 May 2018

More than 1,000 free places are being created on courses designed to reduce the UK’s cyber skills gap.

Tackling biphobia

23 May 2018

Stonewall has released guidance for secondary schools to help combat “bi-erasure” and biphobia.

Every school day, 183 pupils are referred to CAMHS

16 May 2018

Overall referrals continue to soar, with at least 35,000 last year. However, one-third of pupils referred to CAMHS are being turned away and declined specialist treatment. Pete Henshaw reports

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