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Meanwhile, outside Westminster…

21 June 2017

While all talk focuses on the hung Parliament election outcome, our education challenges remain. Deborah Lawson outlines three areas for action as ministers get back to work

The top to-do list priority for the DfE

14 June 2017

Now that the election is over, teacher education and teacher supply must top the to-do list for the education secretary. James Noble Rogers outlines the priorities for the government

Choices have to be made...

24 May 2017

Political choices have to be made on school funding before it’s too late, says Kevin Courtney

An education manifesto

17 May 2017

Brexit is important, but this election must also be about education, argues Dr Mary Bousted

Our pay continues to suffer

10 May 2017

Government vanity projects, huge reserves in some schools, and unprotected and squeezed core funding means teachers’ pay continues to suffer, says Chris Keates

Free schools: Enough is enough

3 May 2017

It is time to call an end to the free schools experiment and focus on properly funding every school, says Pete Henshaw

Children missing in education

19 April 2017

More must be done to find and support the tens of thousands of children routinely missing in education, says Dr Rebekah Ryder

Buddy, can you spare a dime?

29 March 2017

Buddy, can you spare a dime? The real impact of austerity, funding cuts and the National Funding Formula...

T levels vs the EBacc?

22 March 2017

The plans for new ‘Technical levels’ fail to take into account the adverse impact of the EBacc on the curriculum and so risk failure, says Kevin Courtney

Workload: #make1change

15 March 2017

The workload battle continues. Nansi Ellis urges teachers to support a new campaign to #make1change

Safeguarding – a concerted effort

8 March 2017

To be effective, safeguarding strategies need to recognise the role of all professionals working with children. Debbie Moss explains

Overcoming the Autism label

1 March 2017

People with autism can be a real asset to the workplace, but a lot must change if we are to support ASD students into the world of work, says Gerald Haigh

Trads vs Progs? Where do you stand?

1 February 2017

Are you a traditional? Or a progressive? It’s not necessarily that simple, says Gerald Haigh, as the passing of one educational champion reminds us...

Not sufficient, not fair

18 January 2017

Funding cannot be called ‘fair’ if it is not sufficient. Kevin Courtney spells out the real-terms funding cuts facing schools and calls for government action

The cracks are beginning to show

11 January 2017

From teacher recruitment to examination reform, the cracks in Michael Gove’s grand experiment are becoming too big to ignore, says Dr Mary Bousted

The worst experiment ever?

4 January 2017

If education was an experiment, it would be the worst one ever designed, says Russell Hobby

Questions over National Reference Tests

30 November 2016

Questions remain unanswered over the decision to use National Reference Tests to guide GCSE grade-setting and end ‘grade inflation’. Ian Toone explains

At the chalkface: The boys at the back

23 November 2016

I never really taught those “boys at the back”. They tolerated me. We had a benign truce. They larked about and went back to their culture. We must no longer deny it – but I’m rather afraid we will.

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