At the chalkface: One in five

19 September 2018

If pupils are too poor or “challenging” they’re somehow chucked out. It’s all the go. You don’t want to screw up those league tables. So “poorer” children must be excluded...

A plea to Damian Hinds...

12 September 2018

As another year gets underway, what big decisions face schools and what challenges face the education secretary? Sir Mike Griffiths outlines what he sees as the key challenges

At the chalkface: Speechifying

12 September 2018

"Altitude is attitude,” she says cryptically. Or is it vice-versa? Are we back with the angels? Who knows? The poor pupils are bamboozled.

At the chalkface: A fellowship of good cheer

5 September 2018

Here’s my top survival tip for the new year. Give this stuff no attention. Junk it completely. Make your classroom immune from it. Cultivate a siege mentality...

The female leadership gap

4 July 2018

The female leadership gap: are you stepping up or staying put? New research has focused on why women only account for 38 per cent of all secondary headteachers. Dr Laura Guihen explains

What exactly is Ofsted for?

4 July 2018

Ofsted is under immense scrutiny at the moment, not least because there is no clear evidence to prove that its inspections improve the standards of education, says Dr Mary Bousted

Making online life safer for pupils

4 July 2018

How should teachers’ work in the classroom act alongside legislation to ensure children can enjoy a safer internet? Anna Feuchtwang discusses

At the chalkface: Another England

4 July 2018

This terrific department isn’t a one off. Many English departments do this. Poetry is the heart of the subject and children are natural poets.

Looking for a governor?

27 June 2018

Q1a) How to solve a problem like finding a school governor... DISCUSS (40 marks) – Louise Cooper tackles this most tricky of questions

At the chalkface: Clever?

25 June 2018

This will not happen until we junk the modern syllabus. It kills clever. It stifles it. It can’t remotely measure it. And there are many different ways of being clever, which go unrecognised.

Inclusion versus exclusion

20 June 2018

The challenges in making education inclusive for all children, including those with SEND, are many and varied – but the benefits of inclusive education are clear for all to see. Philippa Stobbs explains

At the chalkface: Old and in the way

20 June 2018

Poor, young drones were drafted in to drill pupils through exams. They were cheap, efficient, obedient, professional, sharp-suited, apolitical and had no union.

Diary of an NQT: Stepping up

20 June 2018

Getting involved in all aspects of school life can give NQTs the experience and skills to help progress in their careers, as our NQT diarist has discovered

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