At the chalkface: Cheating

6 March 2018

This happened nigh on 30 ages ago, but I’ve sometimes worried that it might have constituted cheating. Did it make a difference to Plum’s final grade?

SEN: Fighting the system

28 February 2018

What can we do when we find ourselves increasingly having to fight the system in order to achieve the best outcomes for our most vulnerable students?

At the chalkface: A working class hero

28 February 2018

Some prejudices seem effortlessly intact. You just parade your unchecked privilege, flaunt your lack of knowledge and feel somehow permitted to unleash such ill-considered tripe.

Flexible working in schools

7 February 2018

There is a growing momentum behind efforts to make flexible and part-time working in schools a reality. Julian Stanley explains

At the chalkface: Poetry

7 February 2018

Is Billie Holiday less good than Emily Dickinson? Eh? Is Lightnin’ Hopkins as good as Gerard Manly Hopkins? A close call, but all meaningless comparisons.

At the chalkface: Philosophy

31 January 2018

It might not be allowed these days. It didn’t matter if we didn’t understand. If you’re not going to understand something it may as well be the world’s leading thinkers.

The demise of G&T?

31 January 2018

As budgets tighten, gifted and talented programmes are becoming largely forgotten about in state schools...

At the chalkface: On the cusp

24 January 2018

Ah, but true love rarely runs smooth. It’s not that simple. Class can ruin everything. Will Charlie feel the pull of his roots? Will he have to betray them?

The lost art of communication

24 January 2018

It is one of life’s most important skills, says Tom Ravenscroft, so why aren’t we teaching children to talk to each other?

At the chalkface: Punch and Judy

17 January 2018

Aren’t world leaders meant to conduct themselves with a little more gravitas? Emotional intelligence? Or just intelligence? Not brain dead, misogynist clots. Aren’t they meant to be role-models for our pupils?

Recruitment and retention: We do not need quick fixes

10 January 2018

Quick fixes are not the solution to the teacher recruitment and retention crisis. Dr Sarah Charles and Dr Alison Hardman? argue that it is about status, and policy-makers might look to Finland for an example of how to get it right.

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