At the chalkface: Revision!

2 May 2018

Universities are, apparently, offering “therapy dogs and rabbits” to soothe the savagely stressed. Read that sentence again. Read it and weep.

A half-decent pay deal...

25 April 2018

Finally, school support staff and other workers have been offered a half-decent pay deal, this now needs to be fully funded, warns Jon Richards

At the chalkface: Meeting Mrs Malaprop

25 April 2018

A real perk about being retired is meeting former students. It’s a sort of temporal vertigo. It’s difficult to know what tense you’re in.

Diary of an NQT: Leading my first CPD

25 April 2018

Asked to lead a CPD session for trainee teachers, our NQT diarist was thrilled to find other teaching and support staff colleagues also keen to take part...

Gender bias: What would you do?

18 April 2018

Are women punished for being successful? Unconscious bias is not a woman’s issue – it is everyone’s issue, says Caroline Sherwood

The death of the arts?

21 March 2018

By the time policy-makers recognise the importance of the arts, it may be too late to save them, says Dr Bernard Trafford

Retention: A glimmer of hope

21 March 2018

Low pay, high workload and an eroding of professional autonomy are huge retention challenges – but there is hope, says Julian Stanley

STEAM – not just STEM

14 March 2018

We must not STEM the creativity of the arts – but we must STEAM ahead with a broad and balanced curriculum, argues Deborah Lawson

At the chalkface: If you liked school…

14 March 2018

“If you liked school,” goes the caption, “you’ll love work.” Has it really come to this? Is education now merely about getting a job? Nothing else?

No more gifted and talented

7 March 2018

Forget ‘gifted and talented’ programmes – every child should be challenged and enriched, says headteacher Tony Eysele

Online RSE support is vital

7 March 2018

Government plans to overhaul relationships education are doomed to fail without online resources to guide teenagers, says Catherine Barker

Diary of an NQT: A focus on assessment

7 March 2018

The end of the second assessment cycle for our NQT diarist allows him to take stock and reflect on the progress of both his students and his teaching

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