Inequality: The elephant in the room

7 November 2013

Inequality remains the elephant in the room of Scottish education, warns Alex Wood. Rather than playing their part in tackling the issue, he accuses the bulk of Scotland's private schools of reinforcing these inequalities.

What’s the point of predicted grades?

7 November 2013

Karen Sullivan cannot understand why we still use the predicted grades system for applying to university. She considers some of the negative implications of this age-old approach.

We're obviously doing something right

7 November 2013

Despite the manic end to her first half-term, our NQT diarist is buoyed that among all the stress and drama, they are obviously doing something right...

The Corporate Kids

18 October 2013

I have seen the future of education and it’s corporate. It’s a 7th year pupil in a silly suit, incurious, industrious, obsequious and going on 37. The Corporate Kid, a grim mix of Dickens’ Bitzer and the Leadership Group.

Facing Requiring Improvement

17 October 2013

After being visited by inspectors barely a week into term with 23 new members of staff trying to settle in, our headteacher diarist now faces a Requiring Improvement judgement. She says enough is enough.

GCSE early entry – doing the right thing

17 October 2013

We are navigating our exams system through the rear view mirror with schools unable to plan ahead and students’ learning being constantly disrupted. Russell Hobby calls on heads to take a courageous stand.

Defending pedagogy from the politicians

17 October 2013

A brief encounter on a Euston-bound train sparks a discussion about pedagogy, the way people learn, and politicians' insistence on telling teachers how to teach. Dr Rob Smith explains

A tale of two inspection regimes

17 October 2013

Who has it tougher when it comes to inspections – state or private schools? Marion Gibbs reflects on a recent debate with state school colleagues.

Facing up to the careers guidance challenge

10 October 2013

The government cuts to careers guidance has left schools in the lurch. Our headteacher diarist gives a frank appraisal of her school's struggles to meet the new duty to provide effective careers advice for students.

Would you buy this car?

10 October 2013

Ofsted says three quarters of all schools are good or better. But it has also deeply criticised provision within certain subjects. Professor Mick Waters issues a vital warning.

My staff and I do not lie and cheat, Mr Gove

10 October 2013

The implication of changes to rules surrounding early GCSE entries is that professionals in schools are liars and cheats. Neil Morris explains why nothing could be further from the reality.

Punch & Judy on Question Time

10 October 2013

The rehearsal of idée fixes, the dog whistle politics and the same old pundits paid to be promiscuous with opinion. Tonight is no exception. It’s Punch and Judy. It sounds like your eighth year “your mumming” in the corridor of a wet Thursday.

Student-debt free by the age of 39

10 October 2013

Our NQT diarist discovers four things that you might not know about your student loan – and realises just how long it is going to take her to repay hers.

Dealing with impossible dilemmas

10 October 2013

How do you deal with dilemmas as a school leader – the problems where no matter what you do, you can't win? Alex Wood takes inspiration from a recent book by respected educationalist Danny Murphy.

The consequences of parental choice

10 October 2013

Where is this going to end? How many unnecessary places will be added before it is decided that there are enough? John Till discusses the consequences of parental choice in the education system.

Is it time to be more awesome?

10 October 2013

While many have struggled to raise the status of teachers, Julian Stanley believes a YouTube video by a 10-year-old American might just be the answer.

The impact of stress on students

10 October 2013

Good emotional health is critical for teenagers and stress can play a seriously detrimental role in their academic performance. Karen Sullivan explains

Ofsted: Part of the problem?

3 October 2013

Does inspection improve schools? Can you inspect quality into a system? Gerald Haigh picks up the debate after the recent row over whether Ofsted inspections are effective.

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