The only connections that really matter...

16 May 2013

We must stop looking to neuroscience for all the answers to how children learn, says Kevin Rooney, who argues we must focus instead on inspirational teaching and building strong teacher-pupil relationships.

Michael Gove's inglorious revolution

9 May 2013

A shortfall in school places and chaos in the teacher training system are just two signs of the disastrous impact of government policy, says Dr Mary Bousted.

Pedagogical poverty

9 May 2013

The pedagogical poverty of this is breathtaking. Why must speaking and listening be ditched? It might be a bit difficult to mark? Or is it because some pupils, some working class pupils, are better at speaking and listening than writing and OFQUAL want th

The future of Scottish education

9 May 2013

Alex Wood hears the thoughts of Dr Rowena Arshad on the future of Scottish education after her appointment as head of Moray House School of Education.

Please don't kill anything...

9 May 2013

The sun is out and our NQT diarist is venturing outdoors with her year 7s. She is hoping that they will stay on track in her garden-based lesson – and that they don't kill anything...

Threats, threats and nothing but threats

2 May 2013

The Department for Education's idea of effective leadership of schools is to issue threat, after threat, after threat. SecEd editor Pete Henshaw says it is time for our ministers to choose a more intelligent approach.

What's your view of our children?

2 May 2013

The modern era has been dominated by two views on childhood – one of tremendous progress in education and health, but a second which focuses on a moral decline and youth crime and sexualisation. Dr Hilary Emery discusses.

The wrong priority, Mr Gove?

2 May 2013

While Michael Gove argues for longer school days and shorter holidays, our university funding system is in meltdown. Marion Gibbs questions our government's priorities.

Where has my quiet form gone?

2 May 2013

The behaviour of our NQT diarist's year 7 form is unrecognisable from six months ago. But have they really become that bad, or is it down to other people's habit of focusing on the negative?

A 17-hour school day

2 May 2013

Chairman Gove is clearly on to something, but he doesn’t go far enough. I propose a more rigorous 17-hour school day.

The bonkers recruitment process

2 May 2013

After losing a candidate for his English position at the last minute, our headteacher diarist reflects on the crazy nature of the school recruitment process.

Global Campaign for Education: Every child needs a teacher

26 April 2013

The Send my Friend to School campaign is fighting for world leaders to fulfil their promise to deliver an education to every child. Sam Whittingham and Millie Wells, 15, are the campaign’s 2013 Young Ambassadors and have just returned from a visit to Indi

We're no longer 'a soft touch'...

25 April 2013

Teodora and her mother presently live in a hostel off Queensway. It’s not much fun. Boys on baby bikes yell obscenities at them. They call her “gypo” and threaten to “grass” her – as they are taught to do by the tabloids.

Tackling inequity in Scottish education

25 April 2013

Inequity across education is a problem for many countries. Alex Wood critiques Scottish education secretary Mike Russell's recent proposals to address this continuing issue.

Keeping control of workload

25 April 2013

Data shows that workload problems increase at this time of year. Julian Stanley offers teachers some solutions.

Paris’s lesson is a lesson for us all

25 April 2013

The experience of the UK's first youth crime commissioner is a lesson in the dangers of social media that all our students – and teachers – must learn, says Hilary Moriarty.

When headteachers change

25 April 2013

Teachers like their routines and dealing with change can be hard – especially when that change is your very own headteacher. Our NQT diarist tells us how she's coping.

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