The nervous new NQT arrivals

13 June 2013

As our NQT diarist nears the end of her first year, she is quite taken aback by the flood of nervous trainee teachers coming into the school applying for positions.

Industry demands new ICT leasing guidance for schools

13 June 2013

The education ICT industry is calling for the government to clarify guidance over the leasing of technology in schools. Caroline Wright argues that we are missing out on millions of pounds in potential savings.

Are you happy, Steve?

24 May 2013

After a raft of recent research into the state of education and the teaching workforce, Julian Stanley asks if teachers really are happy.

My two-day battle with Ofsted

23 May 2013

A school judged outstanding but for the data with inspectors refusing to take context or evidence on the ground into account. Our headteacher diarist takes us through their two-day battle with Ofsted.

Sir Alex – the best headteacher there never was

23 May 2013

Headteachers need the dark arts too – those menacing pauses, that blank, unforgiving gaze and that threat of an erratic and incendiary rage. The dreaded Hairdryer. I could never do that stuff. I could never make Dave Mania quake in his boots. I wish I cou

Why is the debate on skills so polarised?

23 May 2013

While many other countries value skills as highly as knowledge in their education systems, the UK is stuck in a rut. SecEd editor Pete Henshaw argues why skills are just a vital as knowledge to our students' futures.

Striking for education

23 May 2013

Ahead of the first in a series of regional strikes in the NUT and NASUWT’s campaign for education, Christine Blower reminds us all why they are taking action.

Do you care about your pupils?

23 May 2013

Do you care about your students? Or just their results? Are they learning for the workplace? Or learning to be human? Alex Wood discusses the core role of relationships in education.

Making revision useful

23 May 2013

Seeing her pupils copying out notes for their revision has set alarm bells ringing for our NQT diarist. She discusses the approaches she has recommended her students adopt.

Stuff this for a lark

16 May 2013

If you rise to your level of incompetence – it’s called The Peter Principle – you might well find yourself in something called a Leadership Group Team. You will then get lumbered with the morning assembly.

Do you have a Beruf?

16 May 2013

Drawing on his experience in Germany, Brian Lightman argues why we need to quickly change our attitudes towards vocational education.

Is university the best preparation for the future?

16 May 2013

While we have been pushing more and more students to go to university, jobs have become harder and harder to find for young people. Marion Gibbs on why her school is encouraging students to consider all their options when deciding on their progression.

A simply appalling idea

16 May 2013

The bid to remove speaking and listening from the final English GCSE grade will have fundamental repercussions for students, says SecEd's increasingly angry headteacher diarist.

The only connections that really matter...

16 May 2013

We must stop looking to neuroscience for all the answers to how children learn, says Kevin Rooney, who argues we must focus instead on inspirational teaching and building strong teacher-pupil relationships.

Michael Gove's inglorious revolution

9 May 2013

A shortfall in school places and chaos in the teacher training system are just two signs of the disastrous impact of government policy, says Dr Mary Bousted.

Pedagogical poverty

9 May 2013

The pedagogical poverty of this is breathtaking. Why must speaking and listening be ditched? It might be a bit difficult to mark? Or is it because some pupils, some working class pupils, are better at speaking and listening than writing and OFQUAL want th

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