Making waves – and plans

25 April 2013

What did you reflect upon during the Easter break? Our headteacher diarist got to thinking about the future...

Teacher launches exam support app

24 April 2013

After working with his students to design an app to help with exam organisation and revision, Andy Buck is hoping the tool will help to make a real difference to students across the country.

Reforms are sidelining expert curriculum opinion

18 April 2013

As the consultation over the new national curriculum comes to an end, SecEd editor Pete Henshaw points to a range of expert opinion that has been sidelined by a government not willing to listen to criticism of its reforms.

The dangers of a narrow and nationalistic history

18 April 2013

The proposed new history curriculum came under fire from a number of eminent history experts at a recent roundtable hosted by the group Curriculum for Cohesion. They argued that we cannot develop successful, patriotic citizens with a ‘narrow, nationalisti

The forgotten support staff

18 April 2013

Despite being crucial to raising standards, some key support staff roles are often overlooked, says Christine Lewis.

Performance pay is not the issue

18 April 2013

Performance-related pay is not the issue for our headteacher diarist, but what the best pay policy is for rewarding teachers who host revision session and other activities outside of school hours.

Curriculum reform: View from the Department

18 April 2013

Since the publication of the draft national curriculum, SecEd has hosted a range of debate on its content. Here, education minister Elizabeth Truss argues the government’s case.

Research has shown

18 April 2013

Research has shown that Dave has “a biological predisposition”. To wreck my lessons? Not quite. This teenage predisposition makes him “go to bed late and get up later”. Ah. What we doctors call sloth?

Good news simply doesn’t sell

18 April 2013

Do people really believe what they see in the media about education? Marion Gibbs reflects on the tendency of journalists to focus on the negative.

Who is education actually for?

18 April 2013

After a CPD session focused on 'stakeholder management', our NQT diarist reflects on who our education is really designed for and whether it has pupils' best interests at its heart.

Michael Gove's East Durham attack is sad and shameful

21 March 2013

It is bad enough that Michael Gove's attack on East Durham's schools was based on comments made 10 years ago, but it is shameful that he has not even had to decency to visit the area to see the reality on the ground, says SecEd editor Pete Henshaw.

Outdoor education with purpose

21 March 2013

Alex Wood remembers an example of purposeful out-of-the-classroom learning and discusses how powerful getting outdoors can be.

Why going back to basics is dangerous

21 March 2013

Effective education uses tools that engage and reflect the modern learner. The current drive to go 'back to basics' risks losing learners on the journey, argues Karen Sullivan.

The Crown and Manor

21 March 2013

“Saved my life that Boys’ Club!” he’d always say. Well, that club was called The Crown and Manor and it’s been saving the lives of young men in Hackney for more than 100 years.

Standing against the EBacc

21 March 2013

Michael Gove's EBacc-focused curriculum is a threat to our culture – and it's down to schools to hold their moral compass, says SecEd's headteacher diarist.

My 'bottom set' year 7s

21 March 2013

Instilling a sense of belief in your students can sometimes be a challenge. Our NQT diarist explains some recent successes she has achieved with one of her classes.

Problems with the Data Dashboard

21 March 2013

The recent focus on able governance is welcome, but the debate has ignored the vital link between governors and school culture. Julian Stanley explains.

The unpredictable school treadmill

14 March 2013

The annual cycle of school life rolls ever onwards, but while it can sometimes feel like a treadmill – it is still the unpredictability of our students that makes the job worthwhile, says Marion Gibbs.

Back at the chalkface aged 129

14 March 2013

We’re somewhere in the year 2018. I’ve just been retrained, rebooted, rebranded, reborn and recycled back to the chalkface. I could well be cutting edge. Why? Let me explain...

Not nearly radical enough, Mr Gove

14 March 2013

If Michael Gove wanted to be truly radical in his education reforms, he would scrap GCSEs altogether and abandon national testing at age 16. Former headteacher Steve Farmer argues the case.

Focusing on your CPD butterflies

14 March 2013

Inspired by Sir Tim Brighouse’s focus on the power of teachers sharing their CPD ‘butterflies’, Phil Parker discusses a skills-based approach to this idea.

We cannot sit back over pay

14 March 2013

The government says its pay plans will see good teachers getting more money – Christine Blower is not convinced.

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