Reaching my 'lazy' students

27 June 2013

What is it about a minority of pupils whose lack of effort and organisation means their learning suffers so notably? Our NQT diarist discusses how she can reach all her students, including those who appear 'lazy'.

Poorest still suffering most in the recession

27 June 2013

Too many children are still not getting access to good quality education and health services, and are being adversely affected by the economic downturn, according to a report.

Safeguarding – who should you turn to?

27 June 2013

School staff have a key role in spotting neglect or abuse, but in a diversified school system do you know who you can turn to when problems emerge? Dr Hilary Emery considers some problems with the current system.

What will you be doing this summer?

27 June 2013

As the summer approaches, teachers everywhere are preparing to take luxury breaks for six weeks and won't be thinking once about their students. Er, not quite, says Marion Gibbs.

And so it all boils down to this...

20 June 2013

The government's examination reforms are centred around the belief that students should only be allowed one shot at success. But when dealing with adolescents, this approach is fatally flawed, explains Professor Mick Waters.

Eve's timely reminder for educators everywhere

20 June 2013

An evening's educational debate included addresses by four renowned experts – but it was a 10-year-old P6 pupil who left Alex Wood with an abiding memory of what the core values of the teaching profession must be.

What is the right approach to student assessment?

20 June 2013

As her students enter their final exams, our NQT diarist muses on the differing forms of assessment she has employed and whether these approaches have yielded the best results possible.


20 June 2013

The Children’s Laureate wants to get “more children reading as widely as possible”. The Gove seems keener on getting fewer reading as narrowly as possible...

College students – at age 14

20 June 2013

The move to allow 14 and 15-year-olds to enrol in colleges will expose some glaring anomalies in the current system. Christine Lewis explains.

The power of teachers as coaches

20 June 2013

Phil Parker looks at how schools can develop an effective coaching programme as part of a whole-school approach to teachers' CPD.

What about teachers' family lives?

20 June 2013

As the debate over extending the school day rumbles on, Julian Stanley asks what happens to teachers’ lives if schools stay open longer.

The worst timing possible...

20 June 2013

Our headteacher diarist despairs as the confirmation of GCSE reform and Michael Gove's comments on the quality of the current qualifications come just as our students enter the exam hall...

The art of re-invention

20 June 2013

Social media and the online world allows students to consider the way they are perceived much more clearly, and means they can re-invent how they are viewed by their friends and others. Karen Sullivan considers the implications of this modern trend.

How should we grade exams?

13 June 2013

Numbers, letters or something else? How we can best grade our students' exams is a never-ending debate. Headteacher Marion Gibbs looks at the options.

A cyber-bullying plague

13 June 2013

The statistics on calls to children's helplines over the past 10 years make for sobering reading – and show a distinct growth in incidents of cyber-bullying. Dr Hilary Emery takes a look.

Killing coursework is a dangerous move

13 June 2013

While national newspapers get overly excited about the possible renaming of GCSEs, the complete loss of coursework and the implications of this for students' learning is not being debated, says SecEd editor Pete Henshaw.

The measuring season

13 June 2013

Exams: The invigilators’ shoes that squeak like dying mice, the bunkers pulling funny faces against the windows, the breathless panic of the tardy. And things forgotten: like pens, quotes, the English Anthology, compasses, calculators, exam numbers, set t

Creating a culture of learning

13 June 2013

After bumping into two students in her own front garden, our headteacher diarist muses on how we can create a culture of learning at home as well as in school.

The nervous new NQT arrivals

13 June 2013

As our NQT diarist nears the end of her first year, she is quite taken aback by the flood of nervous trainee teachers coming into the school applying for positions.

Industry demands new ICT leasing guidance for schools

13 June 2013

The education ICT industry is calling for the government to clarify guidance over the leasing of technology in schools. Caroline Wright argues that we are missing out on millions of pounds in potential savings.

Are you happy, Steve?

24 May 2013

After a raft of recent research into the state of education and the teaching workforce, Julian Stanley asks if teachers really are happy.

My two-day battle with Ofsted

23 May 2013

A school judged outstanding but for the data with inspectors refusing to take context or evidence on the ground into account. Our headteacher diarist takes us through their two-day battle with Ofsted.

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