The World Cup: The best teaching aid

26 June 2014

The World Cup is many things – bread and circuses, the opium of the people, a vile FIFA obscenity, an orgy of emotional incontinence, a Baudrillardian Spectacle hem hem and the exploitation of the wretched of the earth. Apart from that it’s fabulous.

Set texts

19 June 2014

Couldn’t teachers just be trusted to create, control the exam and choose their own set texts to fit their own class, stream and catchment area? As if.

Watch out! Teacher-in-role!

19 June 2014

Our NQT diarist is anxious at having to present to her colleagues on the subject of using drama during lessons! But now her skills as a teacher-in-role are in high demand!

Missing from education

19 June 2014

On any given day, 15,000 children are missing from education. Many have been excluded and are awaiting placement elsewhere, others have health conditions, and some we simply have no idea where they are. Dr Hilary Emery says it is time to act.

A clear message to the establishment

19 June 2014

After attending a new teacher-led education conference, Dorothy Lepkowska is struck by the increasingly strong calls for the government to step back from its control of education and trust teachers to get on with their jobs.

Still time to avert strike action

19 June 2014

With strike action still on for July 10, Christine Blower calls on the government to act to resolve the ongoing dispute and stop the walk-out.

Getting the reading habit

19 June 2014

It is vital that students gain the reading habit during their younger and teenage years, but schools can only do so much argues our headteacher diarist – parents also need to play their part.

Living on the Edge

19 June 2014

It is not “aspiration” which is missing for our poorest children and families, but opportunity. Inspired by new book Living on the Edge, Alex Wood discusses the ongoing challenge of tackling disadvantage faced by our education system.

Comic fun

12 June 2014

They were all trumped by a thin, shiny tome that came, quite unsolicited, through my letterbox. A cartoon figure, not unlike Noddy on Acid, with orange bow and antic visage, waved charmingly from its jolly cover.

Tolerance through literature

12 June 2014

The row over the 'banning' of foreigners from the English literature syllabus has dominated educational headlines. Karen Sullivan argues that this approach will hamper our attempts to encourage tolerance within our students.

Are you ready for retirement?

12 June 2014

Reports suggest that one in seven retirees have no savings and only a state pension. Julian Stanley asks how teachers can prepare for retirement.

Shows, shows, shows

12 June 2014

Our NQT diarist gets a taste of life as a primary school teacher as she lends a hand with their summer production...

Education or babies – the choice is yours

12 June 2014

Recent comments calling for girls to consider skipping university in favour of getting onto the property ladder, finding a boyfriend and having a baby has outraged Sonia Hendy-Isaac.

A wonderful accountability dream...

12 June 2014

With the government continuing to exert influence over the curriculum, Marion Gibbs offers her ideas for a new system which could keep both politicians and school teachers happy.

We must use education to stop rise of the far right

5 June 2014

We are increasingly in danger of forgetting the lessons of the Holocaust and rise to power of the Nazis, says SecEd editor Pete Henshaw. The damning results of the recent European elections prove that education has a key role in stopping the rise of the f

STEM and design and technology: Work still to be done

5 June 2014

A recent report from the Engineering the Future group claimed that the industry is suffering because of misconceptions and poor careers advice. Writing in response, Richard Green says the UK leads the world in teaching design and technology – but there is

Will SRE finally have its hour?

5 June 2014

With an MPs' inquiry and increasingly vocal support, Dr Hilary Emery hopes that after years of neglect and confusion, sex and relationships education might finally get the standing it deserves.


5 June 2014

Teodora and her mother live in a hostel off Queensway. It’s not much fun. The prime minister calling her an “educational tourist” didn’t help. Nor did his “Go Home Or Face Arrest” vans.

Real freedom for teachers

5 June 2014

The government talks frequently about giving schools freedom, but there will be no real autonomy for teachers, says Dr Mary Bousted, unless they get the freedom to make decisions.

Getting organised!

5 June 2014

After being given temporary management duties in her department, our NQT diarist discovers just how hard it is to keep so many plates spinning at the same time...

Innovative approaches to school buildings

5 June 2014

Hard economic times do not necessarily mean that new school buildings need to suffer. Alex Wood has been impressed by some innovative approaches being taken in Scotland.

Glad to be the age I am...

5 June 2014

There are two things that keep our headteacher diarist awake at night – the budget and decisions about permanent exclusions. She has had to face both of these recently...

Are schools safe?

22 May 2014

After the shocking death of Ann Maguire, Julian Stanley asks whether schools are as dangerous as the media headlines often suggest.

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