A simpler grading solution?

8 May 2014

With yet another change to the way examinations are marked and graded on the way, Marion Gibbs wonders how long this system will last and proposes her own simpler and fairer method for grading exams.

Mental health

1 May 2014

You must make a “wider contribution to school life”. Eh? When? Like what? Like weeding the school garden, pruning some roses, driving the minibus, painting the foyer, cleaning the toilets or attending Booster Weekends for marginal halfwits

Keeping the family together

1 May 2014

Achievement, attainment, results and outcomes are all vital, but as our headteacher diarist has discovered of late, keeping your school community and family together and strong is one of the most important aspects of the job.

A timely and vital inquiry into PSHE

1 May 2014

That high-quality PSHE and sex education should be at the top of a school's list of priorities is a no-brainer, says SecEd editor Pete Henshaw. However, this is not always the reality. As such, an MPs' inquiry into provision is timely and welcome.

Child mental health in schools

1 May 2014

Wellbeing and mental health need to be given a much higher priority in schools, argues Dr Hilary Emery. As such, she welcomes the launch of a new CPD resource to help school staff spot the warning signs of mental health problems.

Be brave, Ofsted

1 May 2014

As Ofsted seeks to reform itself, Professor Mick Waters offers his vision of how inspection should work and how schools and teachers should be judged.

Reasons to be cheerful

1 May 2014

After spending too long mixing with the higher echelons of education, it can be easy to feel depressed. However, a trip back to the chalkface with some trainee teachers has given Alex Wood several reasons to be optimistic about the future.

Longing for George

1 May 2014

As her colleagues enter the exhausting exams season, our NQT diarist is thankful she has no exam classes. However, she is already thinking and worrying about the challenge that these will bring next year...

What constitutes ‘failure’?

1 May 2014

As our examinations and curriculum under-go huge reform, Brian Lightman asks what constitutes failure and success for today’s students.


24 April 2014

I can’t see the problem. Ofsted can. Silence irks them too. They zoom into classrooms with their 20-minute hit squads seeking some cheap pedagogical theatrics, a lot of that whizzo “interactivity”. It ticks their boxes. If Pol doesn’t speak, how can she b

Practical strategies to boost self-belief

24 April 2014

Helping your students to develop the right kind of self-belief is vital to successful outcomes argues child psychologist Karen Sullivan. She offers some practical strategies for the classroom.

We must keep up the pressure on Ofsted

24 April 2014

Ofsted has acted to quell increasing concerns about the quality of its inspection regime. However, after the problems with inspection featured heavily during the teaching union conference season, SecEd editor Pete Henshaw urges the profession to keep up t

Observations vs data

24 April 2014

The on-going debate over the value of lesson observation judgements has concerned our headteacher diarist, who fears that if judgements disappear then all we will be left with is a heavier reliance on data.

The employment conundrum

24 April 2014

Part of the role of schools is to prepare young people for the workplace, but this is only one part of the story argues Marion Gibbs.

Mastering the tutor’s role

24 April 2014

As she enters her final term as an NQT, our diarist faces a further challenge as she is given charge of her own tutor group and sets about mastering the tricky tutor's role.

Why we were right to strike

24 April 2014

After thousands of NUT members walked-out last month, Christine Blower warns that unless they see a change of direction more strike action will follow.

What can we expect from Attainment/Progress 8?

3 April 2014

New performance measures are on their way. Mike Treadaway asks where schools will be able to meet the requirements of Attainment/Progress 8 while still offering each pupil the most appropriate curriculum for their needs.

Could it happen today?

3 April 2014

Recalling a magical encounter with one of his students, Gerald Haigh asks whether teachers in today’s observation-obsessed schools have the freedom to go ‘off-lesson’.

A bureaucracy working group?!

3 April 2014

The Scottish government is committed to tackling bureaucracy within Curriculum for Excellence, so it has set up a working group. You couldn't make it up, says Alex Wood.

The Oxford Comma

3 April 2014

I still can spot a zeugma from 1,000 yards. I didn’t get where I am today without knowing the vocative. All thanks to my English teacher, Mr Merrylees. He was big on clause analysis.

Ofsted needs wholesale change

3 April 2014

All teachers welcome strong accountability, but Chris Keates says it is wrong that the climate of fear created by Ofsted is preventing teachers from focusing on meeting the needs of their students.

Good luck to all new heads

3 April 2014

Our headteacher diarist takes some time out of school to reflect on practice, meet old colleagues and welcome some young leaders taking their first steps into headship.

The challenges of being mixed race

3 April 2014

How many times have you heard Barack Obama described as the first black US president? Dr Hilary Emery warns that it is very easy to label people with mixed race in ways that do not reflect their particular heritage or identity and explains the serious c

Has the election trail begun for Mr Gove?

27 March 2014

Education secretary Michael Gove's appearance at the ASCL annual conference was notable for his lack of rhetoric and his eagerness to praise our schools. It looks like the election trail has begun, says SecEd editor Pete Henshaw.

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