Old school

27 March 2014

The old 60s folly, a gun metal sunken battleship, had quite gone – demolished by tractors, wrecking balls, venture capitalists and barking right wing tabloids. You know the narrative – lefty, liberal, failing Comprehensive is “turned round” into a rigorou

The danger of destination measures

20 March 2014

What are we at risk of losing when we allow education to be driven by narrow measures of performance tied to high stakes for those who ‘fail’? Russell Hobby explains.

Stopping the discrimination of SEND students online

20 March 2014

Children and young people with SEND are not using the internet as much as those without SEND due to cyber-bullying, discrimination and a lack of support. Dr Hilary Emery looks at the disturbing findings of new research.

In defence of grammar education

20 March 2014

Teaching an adult evening class on writing skills has brought home the stark reality to Alex Wood of what years not teaching grammar has done.

The Eiffel Tower incident

20 March 2014

The long-awaited residential trip to France has arrived and our NQT is ultra prepared for any occurrence – even a student going missing on the Eiffel Tower!

Have you ever lost it?

20 March 2014

I’ve nearly been there too. There’ve been times when I’ve imagined visiting extreme prejudice on the more hard core villains – wind-up artists, saboteurs, wise guys, thugs, rent-a-mouths, sadists and Dave Mania and Sidney Lunk at full throttle.

A shout out for our subject associations

20 March 2014

Educator Suzi Bewell could not get by without her subject association, but she fears that these vital organisations are losing their kudos among some teachers.

Are you free?

13 March 2014

Are you “free”? What a daft question! Do you work in a “Free School”? What a daft name! Why are they so called? “Free” is a fibbing word. Like much educational verbiage, it flatters to deceive and can mean just about anything. Free? Free to do what?

A reminder of what is important

13 March 2014

The serious illness and death of a student and the subsequent impact on the school community brings homes to our headteacher diarist what is really important

We are encouraging social isolation

13 March 2014

The regular calls for computer programmes and online learning to replace face-to-face interaction in the classroom are a dangerous move towards social isolation, says Marion Gibbs.

Bravery in the classroom

13 March 2014

With more 26,000 reported incidents of stress in the past six months, Julian Stanley calls for a culture of engagement in education, where staff do not feel stigmatised for sharing problems.

The importance of emotional health

13 March 2014

The importance of the links between thinking patterns, emotions and behaviour cannot be underestimated. Child psychologist Karen Sullivan reports on a healthy lifestyles programme and the lessons it can teach UK educators.

Bringing down the ‘wall’

13 March 2014

The recently repeated suggestions that state schools should operate more like private schools ignores the elephant in the room, says Deborah Lawson.

The role of the co-educator

13 March 2014

Integrating the co-educator into the drama classroom has given our NQT diarist some food for thought. Should they support those students who struggle, or should this be where the teacher focuses their efforts?

The minister and the blob

6 March 2014

The Secretary of State for Education. On legs. Incarnate. In shorts. With headphones – and jogging towards me in the environs of West London. Is he an hallucination? No. He’s quite real – and getting closer...

Child poverty plan: We really must do better

6 March 2014

The government's child poverty plan is nothing more than a list of existing policies and aspirational statements. SecEd editor Pete Henshaw says we need something much more innovative if we really want to see an end to child poverty in the UK.

A valuable new resource for sex education

6 March 2014

With the current DfE guidance for sex education is far behind the times, says Dr Hilary Emery. She discusses the publication of new, supplementary advice to help teachers feel confident in SRE lessons.

Teaching styles – what does Ofsted want to see?

6 March 2014

Ofsted has gone on the attack in a bid to get the message out to schools about its position on teaching styles. Gerald Haigh gives us an essential update on this recent spate of activity.

Education Not for Sale

6 March 2014

As the TUC launches its campaign against profiteering in education, Christine Lewis argues why our schools should never be ‘for sale’.

Breaking a golden NQT rule

6 March 2014

Our NQT diarist has stuck to three golden rules during her first year at the chalkface, but this week found herself surprisingly angry after one of them was broken...

The problems with parent power

6 March 2014

Ed Miliband's recent call for the public to be given a greater say in public services may sounds good, but is giving parents the power to sack headteachers really sensible? Our headteacher diarist argues against the idea.

Are you on your staff's side?

6 March 2014

How can school leaders increase teacher morale in these difficult times? By admitting that there are problems, by seeking to change the system which created these problems and by being on their staff’s side when the crunch with governments and employers c

Confusion and contradictions

27 February 2014

From the Ashes to Ofsted, from school holidays to behaviour – it has been a contradictory few months in education. Professor Mick Waters explains why schooling is getting confusing...

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