At the chalkface: Just ask a teacher

21 November 2018

We know these things. The problem has always been the powers that be don’t pay us attention. They “consult”. They construct a face, which doesn’t listen, and generally do zilch

The edge of the knife

14 November 2018

A landmark report into knife crime in London shows how the number and violence of incidents are increasing, with more and more young people becoming involved. Karen Sullivan takes a look

A backwards step for EAL

14 November 2018

New research demonstrates why the Department for Education should heed the evidence and reintroduce a record of proficiency in English in the School Census

At the chalkace: Any classroom, any time

14 November 2018

“Billy Boy” Byron lives in a caravan under Westway. His drunken father hits him a lot. The teacher wants to like him, but cannot. He wishes he was only absent. So does Billy Boy.

Diary of an NQT: The quiet students

14 November 2018

A recent experience has opened our NQT diarist’s eyes to those quieter students in her classes who might be slipping under the radar...

Handling sexual allegations between students

7 November 2018

Government guidance offers support on managing allegations of sexual violence and harassment between pupils. However, Dai Durbridge highlights some common difficulties that schools still face

What is ‘wrong’ with them?

7 November 2018

Is this pupil mentally ill or just human? Anna Scarr asks why we are too willing to convey the dangerous message that something is ‘wrong’ with a child...

At the chalkface: Wellbeing

7 November 2018

The prime minister is on the case. Children from the age of four will be given an annual “wellbeing test”. By whom? You, of course. You’ll be trained up and rolled out and on stream by 2020.

Getting school accountability right

17 October 2018

Many agree that school accountability in England is not fit-for-purpose. The NAHT’s Accountability Commission has put forward a way to fix the system. Nick Brook explains

At the chalkface: The lesson wrecker...

17 October 2018

Ah, but something is waiting out there, something lurks in the inner city air. This is their season. They flourish about now. Before them, all pedagogy is as nought, all teachers impotent. What can it be?

Shared Education: The journey is just beginning

10 October 2018

Northern Ireland’s first ever Shared Education Week is taking place, giving young people from different communities the chance to learn together. Barbara Ward says this is just the beginning of the journey

New roles, new networks

10 October 2018

It has never been more important to have supportive professional networks around you, says Fiona Aubrey-Smith

At the chalkface: A pork pie and shandy

10 October 2018

He gets a rush hour bus. The road is a snarl up. He gives up, jumps off and races through the park, just in time to be late for school and the Breakfast Club. He gets a bollocking from Ms Strict.

Do you talk about death in your school?

3 October 2018

It is perhaps the one issue that many children will experience but which schools don’t talk about. Alison Penny gives five reasons for making death and dying part of your curriculum

From RE to religion and worldviews

3 October 2018

Is it time to refresh religious education? Wide-ranging reforms to the subject have been proposed by the Commission on Religious Education. What next? Dr John Hall sets out the proposals

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