At the chalkface: Strike!

27 February 2019

The Cuban Missile Crisis. October 1962. We protested and refused to kick off in case the world was blown to smithereens. It wasn’t. Our protest might have been decisive.

School accountability: The tide is slowly turning

6 February 2019

Proposed reforms from both Ofsted and the government seem to be positive steps forward against counter-productive, draconian and punitive school accountability, says Geoff Barton – yet the problems of Progress 8 remain...

At the chalkface: A Spell against Barbarism

6 February 2019

Like all grand daughters, she is raving genius. Like all four-year-olds she is a poet. It can’t be stopped. I hope it doesn’t get stopped when she starts school, that it’s not blocked by the dread syllabus...

Ofsted's reforms: Missing the point

30 January 2019

Ofsted has set out plans to rebalance school inspection, but is still failing to address the most crucial problem, says Dr Andrew Clapham

Teacher wellbeing: A shared definition

30 January 2019

Teachers are people, not just employees. Fail to consider the human and personal aspect, and any definition of staff wellbeing will fall short of the reality, says Julian Stanley

At the chalkface: How dare they…

30 January 2019

“I want everyone to see us as a force for improvement,” says Amanda Spielman. Hurrah! Though careful with the language, please, less of the “force”...

Achieving a ‘school-led’ system

28 January 2019

From curriculum approaches to collaborative networks, there are clear opportunities for schools to take back control despite the challenges we face. Ahead of the NAHT Secondary Conference, Robert Campbell considers the developing ‘school-led system'

Diary of an NQT: Leading a CPD session

23 January 2019

Asked to lead a cross-school CPD discussion on systems of assessment, our NQT diarist worries about whether she is qualified enough to take on the task…

It's time for more funding and less blame

16 January 2019

Per-pupil funding is set to be lower in 2019/20 than it was in 2015, but if we are to solve the funding crisis we must end the blame game, says Deborah Lawson

Embracing thinking schools

16 January 2019

Palliative care won’t do – the cure for education’s ills could well lie with the thinking schools movement, says Dr Dave Walters

Funding, inspection, statistics

9 January 2019

It is hard to know what 2019 will bring. Continued challenge and change is perhaps the only thing we can bank on. Paul Whiteman looks ahead to 2019, but you won’t find him making any predictions...

Diary of an NQT: Planning a scheme of work

9 January 2019

Asked to take on the planning of a scheme of work for her department, our NQT diarist has revelled in the experience and now awaits her colleagues’ verdict...

At the chalkface: Every lesson shapes a life

9 January 2019

Have you seen the new one? It’s called “Every Lesson Shapes a Life”. It’s slick, nicely cut and seductive. A girl walks down a cunningly lit school corridor passing through the various stages of her schooling. Teachers display sensitivity, tough love, empathy...

Why so many knives?

5 December 2018

Karen Sullivan continues her focus on the reasons behind the knife crime epidemic among young people, and considers how the perpetrators are often victims as well

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