Advice for young teachers

11 September 2014

As his daughter prepares to enter the profession, Alex Wood gives her four crucial pieces of advice.

At the chalkface: Get up! Stand Up!

4 September 2014

Relentless management meetings. Dear me, they do go on. You must construct a rictus of rapt fascination, while fools point their suits at you and purr perky banalities in a mumbo-jumbo of databases, spreadsheets, statistics and an imminent Ofsted raid.

Defending state school sport

4 September 2014

The domination of elite sports by people who were privately educated is not due to a failure of state school sports, warns John Till.

Let's make this the year of mental health

4 September 2014

The crisis in mental health services continues. Let’s make this the year when we prioritise young people’s mental health, says Pete Henshaw, editor of SecEd.

The importance of relationships

4 September 2014

As he embarks on his first headship, SecEd’s new headteacher diarist reflects on the importance of investing time in building relationships.

The tinkering continues

4 September 2014

Michael Gove may be gone, but tinkering by politicians continues, says a despairing Marion Gibbs.

A challenging year ahead

4 September 2014

SecEd’s new NQT diarist is preparing to face the challenges of her first year at the chalkface, and is ready to be pushed out of her comfort zone.

Handling the pressure

28 August 2014

As the new term gets fully underway, Julian Stanley looks at the pressures facing Scottish teachers this year, not least in handling the ongoing curriculum and exam changes.

A self-improving school system

3 July 2014

SecEd readers are urged to contribute to a wide-ranging inquiry seeking to define what a self-improving school system should look like. Brian Lightman explains.

Child Poverty Strategy proves government is in denial

3 July 2014

The government's child poverty strategy continues to deny the impact that austerity and its programme of cuts have had on families and children. Until this changes, we cannot take it seriously, argues SecEd editor Pete Henshaw.

What exactly makes for good teaching?

3 July 2014

Are we measuring the worth of our teachers in the right way? Professor Mick Waters argues that while good lessons are vital, good teaching involves so much more than the classroom.

British values

3 July 2014

The only British culture I want is our lovely mash-up mix – like, say, William Blake, Zadie Smith, Tommy Cooper, Shane McGowan, Steven Gerrard, Polly Harvey, Dizzy Rascal, Alan Bennett or the greatest Englishman – Samuel Johnson. “Patriotism” said the goo

Don’t you worry Confucius

3 July 2014

In her final diary entry of the year, our NQT diarist reflects on a tough year, full of challenges, and realises just how much she has learnt and how far she has come.

Support staff: The challenges ahead

3 July 2014

From school food to pupil medication, September is set to be a challenging time for school support staff. Christine Lewis explains.

I am done with apple-picking now

3 July 2014

SecEd columnist Hilary Moriarty steps down this summer after eight years working at the heart of the boarding school community. She gives her farewell thoughts, including on the future of boarding education.

The teaching of creationism

3 July 2014

Action taken by the Department for Education in England to stamp out the teaching of creationism as evidence-based theory must be repeated in Scotland, says Alex Wood.

The three Rs of headship

3 July 2014

In the final entry of the year, our headteacher diarist reflects on three Rs that go to make up the most important traits of being a school leader...

Supporting their mental health

26 June 2014

As new mental health guidance for schools is released, child psychologist Karen Sullivan discusses how we can help to safeguard and develop our students' mental health.

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