Inspection tip-offs!

25 September 2014

Whatever. A half-day? A week? They should be so lucky. I remember the old Ofsted Search and Destroy Missions. We were legally tipped off two months in advance. It gave us a nice, large window in which to go quite barking.

Up and running

18 September 2014

The pupils have finally arrived in the classroom and our NQT diarist is focused on ensuring her behaviour expectations are clear right from the start.

A shot in the arm for A levels

18 September 2014

Two consultations over A level reform come to an end this week. Isabel Nisbet from the A Level Content Advisory Board, set up by universities to advise government on the changes, offers her reflections.

The importance of being visible

18 September 2014

During his first full week at the helm, our headteacher diarist has ensured that he has been visible across the school – to both staff and students.

Never done nuffink!

18 September 2014

Now, would this cut it at Roedean? The grammar, not the piercings? I know mockney’s all the go with the posher classes, but probably not. Do we owe it to her to correct her speech? I think not. You correct writing, you don’t correct speech.

Suicide and mental health

11 September 2014

A month on from Robin Williams’ suicide, Julian Stanley says it is important to maintain conversations around mental health.

Taking back the league tables

11 September 2014

An alliance of organisations has created a framework and system for school-led performance tables. Russell Hobby explains why.


11 September 2014

As the first week of school begins, our NQT diarist admits to being a little anxious as she feels the weight of responsibility and expectation.

First impressions of headship

11 September 2014

As he settles into his first headship, our diarist gets his first chance to see the school team in action…

Advice for young teachers

11 September 2014

As his daughter prepares to enter the profession, Alex Wood gives her four crucial pieces of advice.

At the chalkface: Get up! Stand Up!

4 September 2014

Relentless management meetings. Dear me, they do go on. You must construct a rictus of rapt fascination, while fools point their suits at you and purr perky banalities in a mumbo-jumbo of databases, spreadsheets, statistics and an imminent Ofsted raid.

Defending state school sport

4 September 2014

The domination of elite sports by people who were privately educated is not due to a failure of state school sports, warns John Till.

Let's make this the year of mental health

4 September 2014

The crisis in mental health services continues. Let’s make this the year when we prioritise young people’s mental health, says Pete Henshaw, editor of SecEd.

The importance of relationships

4 September 2014

As he embarks on his first headship, SecEd’s new headteacher diarist reflects on the importance of investing time in building relationships.

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