Diary of an NQT: Behaviour management

20 November 2014

Our NQT diarist is slowly developing her behaviour management skills, with a range of positive strategies and consistency when it comes to negative sanctions.

The careers guidance shambles

20 November 2014

Only the government is pretending that current arrangements for careers guidance are satisfactory, argues Mark Baker.

The spirit of General Ludd

20 November 2014

Schools are not ‘still’ important despite IT, they are even more important because of IT, argues Alex Wood.

What should we teach?

20 November 2014

A new book is seeking to reclaim the question of what we teach on behalf of the profession and argues for a focus on ‘powerful knowledge’. Co-authors, Professors Michael Young and David Lambert explain.

Life after Levels: Proper time and investment is essential

20 November 2014

The removal of national curriculum levels is a huge challenge for teachers and schools, with significant implications for both training and CPD. Alison Rogers says it is essential that this agenda is given proper time and investment.

At the chalkface: Costume drama

20 November 2014

My own school uniform – the complete Nigel Molesworth – was a sartorial nightmare, which rendered us both neutered and ludicrous. Shorts were instrumental to this. Perhaps we were just too sexy, and they were meant to keep “grils” away.

Politics in the classroom?

13 November 2014

How do you keep politics out of the classroom? Should you? Can you? Must you stay shtum, while the moronic inferno rages? Well, I’m afraid so. You must be professional, apolitical. Teaching’s not preaching.

An easy way to tackle mental health

13 November 2014

The on-going focus on mental health must continue and the Make Time in November campaign is a quick, easy and effective way to kick-start this work, says SecEd editor Pete Henshaw.

CPD: A matter for the profession

13 November 2014

If teachers do not take the lead on their own professional development, then we deserve all the political interference we get, warns Russell Hobby.

Your pupils and the police

13 November 2014

Safer School Partnerships and ‘positive first contacts’ are key to shaping young people’s view of the police. Anna Feuchtwang explains.

Diary of an NQT: Taking the lid off

13 November 2014

Do I make learning engaging enough? Or even fun enough? A CPD session provides some cause for reflection for our NQT diarist.

Tackling the Workload Challenge

6 November 2014

The government’s Workload Challenge is welcome, but Deborah Lawson warns politicians and Ofsted that they must recognise their role in creating workload issues.

At the chalkface: Tristram’s Oath

6 November 2014

“I promise to deliver a curriculum in which I don’t believe to pupils who don’t want it and to reduce the thrilling complexities of my subject to a cartoon travesty of tick-box answers."

Election 2015: A plea to all politicians

6 November 2014

As the election nears, Professor Chris Husbands calls on politicians to stop latching onto ineffective interventions and to focus simply on teaching.

The vital place of the staffroom

6 November 2014

The importance of a vibrant and well-used staffroom can never be understated. Alex Wood warns that reducing their use is a dangerous modern trend.

Social care: Plugging the gaps

6 November 2014

An array of social difficulties can affect children today, but with cuts hitting social services hard, schools are under increasing pressure. Julian Stanley explains.

At the chalkface: Cruel to be kind?

4 November 2014

Yes, I sometimes wish I could have done the hard stuff better with my sometimes impossible 8th years – like, say, that Tom Hardy in Peaky Blinders or Roy Keane in just about anything. A little fear goes a long way. But we’re surely better than this?

Mental health and PSHE

16 October 2014

As the election approaches, we are entering a crucial time for both mental health services and PSHE, says Anna Feuchtwang.

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