Reviewing your school SRE policy

2 October 2014

The time is ripe to review your school’s sex and relationships education policy. Anna Marie Hassall offers some advice.

Diary of an NQT: The power of the peer

2 October 2014

Seating plans can be challenging as we seek to place every student in the optimum position for learning. Our NQT diarist reports on her success so far.

Computing on a par with maths and English

2 October 2014

Schools are facing up to the new computing curriculum and in case any are dragging their heels, Duncan Maidens and Andrew Csizmadia have some words of encouragement.

At the chalkface: Dark night of the soul

2 October 2014

The Archbishop of Canterbury had a bit of a wobble last week. Me too. He admitted to sometimes doubting the existence of God. I admitted to sometimes doubting the existence of effective child-centred learning.

Ofsted has failed

2 October 2014

The threats and fear of our destructive inspection system need to be replaced by a system which trusts schools and teachers, says Kevin Courtney.

In-out – no change

25 September 2014

We may have a new secretary of state, but Chris Keates says that while the government’s policies remain in place, teachers won’t be fooled.

NQT Diary: Fixed and fierce!

25 September 2014

Having observed some of her colleagues’ lessons, our NQT diarist has found some areas for improvement, but also some areas where things are going very well.

A bitterness over the reforms?

25 September 2014

A chance discussion about the bitterness some teachers feel over current reforms has causes Alex Wood to reflect on the direction of Scottish education.

Inspection tip-offs!

25 September 2014

Whatever. A half-day? A week? They should be so lucky. I remember the old Ofsted Search and Destroy Missions. We were legally tipped off two months in advance. It gave us a nice, large window in which to go quite barking.

Up and running

18 September 2014

The pupils have finally arrived in the classroom and our NQT diarist is focused on ensuring her behaviour expectations are clear right from the start.

A shot in the arm for A levels

18 September 2014

Two consultations over A level reform come to an end this week. Isabel Nisbet from the A Level Content Advisory Board, set up by universities to advise government on the changes, offers her reflections.

The importance of being visible

18 September 2014

During his first full week at the helm, our headteacher diarist has ensured that he has been visible across the school – to both staff and students.

Never done nuffink!

18 September 2014

Now, would this cut it at Roedean? The grammar, not the piercings? I know mockney’s all the go with the posher classes, but probably not. Do we owe it to her to correct her speech? I think not. You correct writing, you don’t correct speech.

Suicide and mental health

11 September 2014

A month on from Robin Williams’ suicide, Julian Stanley says it is important to maintain conversations around mental health.

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