Diary of an NQT: Using negative sanctions

29 January 2015

Our NQT diarist has not used many negative sanctions so far this year, and is trying to shake the feeling that they are a reflection on her teaching…

At the chalkface: Charlie at the chalkface

29 January 2015

Has Charlie Hebdo had any fallout in your classrooms? We’ve been here before – and the fallout wasn’t good. Scene: a classroom in west London in the Spring of 1989...

Are Ofsted inspections reliable?

22 January 2015

Ofsted cannot be trusted to lead investigations into the reliability of its own inspectors’ judgements, says Dr Mary Bousted.

At the chalkface: Detrimental behaviour

22 January 2015

I can still recall those agents of infant chaos, Dave Mania or Decibelle Trauma at full throttle. “Serious harm”? They could shred a lesson at a stroke. Nearly mine once. I took to the pills. They were forcefields of disorder, forest fires of disobedience

The growing mental health challenge

22 January 2015

Building wellbeing is one thing, but helping pupils with complex mental health issues requires professional expertise from local health services, says Anna Feuchtwang.

Diary of an NQT: Mocks and marking

22 January 2015

The year 11 mocks have given our NQT diarist some valuable insights into her students’ progress, as well as some useful marking experience.

A careers advice resurgence?

15 January 2015

Careers advice could be coming in from the cold, but the government must tread carefully, says Russell Hobby. He offers ministers his advice.

The homework debate

15 January 2015

The homework debate has reignited after more research into the impact it has on grades. Karen Sullivan takes a look.

Diary of an NQT: My first parents' evening

15 January 2015

After experiencing her first parents’ evening, our NQT diarist offers some advice for others, and details some of the questions that the parents threw her way.

Funding needed to end careers advice shambles

15 January 2015

Four years after the government’s disastrous decision to cut funding for the national network of Connexions centres, the careers advice saga rumbles needlessly on, says Pete Henshaw.

Protecting the rights of the child

15 January 2015

The work of the Thomas Coram Research Unit is vital to understanding the dangers that children continue to face in 2015. Professor Margaret O’Brien explains.

At the chalkface: Parents’ Evening

15 January 2015

“I’d rather be planting a vegetable than teaching him!” said my old French teacher, “Chunk”, to my poor mother many years ago. Honest. Yes. Bracing, even – but a bit harsh.

Looking back at 2014

15 January 2015

Julian Stanley looks at some of the challenges we faced during 2014 and looks ahead to 2015.

At the chalkface: Private voices

8 January 2015

Voices of the often voiceless – often, Mr Farrago, enthralling, urgent immigrant voices. Secret and private voices, which tell stories of subterranean worlds and reflect the Other London. I’m reminded once again how vitally important English teachers can

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