At the chalkface: The nightmare returns

5 March 2015

But most fans are nothing like les cretins dans Le Metro. How do you get like that? Their team has mostly foreign players. Are they in a state of terminal schizophrenia? Do they boo their own team? Hit themselves?

At the chalkface: Are you mediocre?

26 February 2015

Good will be just good which will be the average, or less, which will not be good enough because average will no longer be good enough, and the above average will therefore become average, which isn’t good enough...

Can everyone 'do' maths?

26 February 2015

The government wants everyone to do maths – but has not stopped to think if everyone can, says Hilary Moriarty.

Diary of a Headteacher: Leadership theory

26 February 2015

How many of your decisions do you base on accepted leadership research and theory? Our headteacher diarist is keen to develop his knowledge in this area.

Election battlelines are drawn

26 February 2015

North of the border, there seems to be consensus between the two main parties on education policy. The devil, says Alex Wood, will be in the detail.

Sport: The easiest way to improve lives

26 February 2015

There are many barriers that must be tackled if we are to realise the benefits of genuine sports and physical activity for young people, says Karen Sullivan.

Diary of an NQT: Showing enthusiasm

5 February 2015

Showing enthusiasm for your subject is something that can boost students’ engagement and application, as our NQT diarist has been discovering.

At the chalkface: Glum

5 February 2015

I gaze at the drizzle outside my kitchen window. A figure jogs by. It is Michael Gove in motion. It’s not poetry. I’m not hallucinating. Honest. The great man is a neighbour. He runs by at a fair clip. I expect to see a stampede of raging teachers in hot

The careers advice crisis

5 February 2015

Careers advice is vital and should be tailored to meet young people’s needs, argues Anna Feuchtwang.

Vote for education on May 7

29 January 2015

Young people have lost a series of key educational entitlements under the current government, says Chris Keates.

Education cuts are looming

29 January 2015

A report from Edinburgh Council could be a precursor to education cuts – a problem facing many areas in Scotland, fears Alex Wood.

Handling incidents of racism

29 January 2015

What are the best ways for schools to tackle discrimination and prejudice with their students? Julian Stanley takes a look.

Diary of an NQT: Using negative sanctions

29 January 2015

Our NQT diarist has not used many negative sanctions so far this year, and is trying to shake the feeling that they are a reflection on her teaching…

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