Fighting the ‘me-first’ culture

11 June 2015

Looking at social and mainstream media, it’s hard to believe that altruism still exists. Marion Gibbs argues that it is for schools to help redress the balance

At the chalkface: Facts

11 June 2015

That’s what really irks. Let me run some other brute facts by you, in no particular order. Refute them, if you can. Inequality rules. It’s bad for all of us. It’s getting worse. Poverty kills. It’s getting worse. Poor children do worse than rich children.

Diary of an NQT: An NQT Audit

4 June 2015

As the year reaches its climax, an NQT Audit offers the opportunity for our diarist to reflect on her progress, the support and CPD she has had, and areas for future focus

Mobile phones: To ban or not to ban…

4 June 2015

A recent research report suggests that banning mobile phones in schools will improve exam outcomes – but it is not as clear-cut as that, says Gerald Haigh

At the chalkface: Awopbopaloobopawopbamboom!

4 June 2015

We didn’t “do” the Beatles. They were banned. Too much fun. We tried to grow mop tops to drive the High School girls mad with desire. To very little avail. This was also banned. We were carted off to matron, who came down on our trespassing tresses like D

Academy reforms: You and whose army?

2 June 2015

You and whose army? The powers and allies that Nicky Morgan will need to implement her planned reforms of school governance and leadership will prove challenging says Roger Inman

Make a Noise about Bullying

21 May 2015

Is your school a ‘talking school’, where students are empowered to speak out about bullying, wherever they see it? Anna Feuchtwang explains

It’s the teachers, stupid

21 May 2015

People are at the heart of our profession, says Marion Gibbs. A fact the returning secretary of state must remember

Too much focus on accountability and examinations

21 May 2015

Recapping five years of qualification reform, Dr Tina Isaacs says we are still focusing too heavily on accountability and examinations, rather than pupil progress and a broadly based curriculum

At the chalkface: Going mad

21 May 2015

A bad week. I may have gone mad. It started at an election party. Never go to an election party. It makes good people bad. As bad news came in, good manners went out. As Middle England trashed the Metropolis, things went weird.

Diary of an NQT: Marking revisited

21 May 2015

Devising an effective marking strategy, both for your pupils’ progress and your own work/life balance, is crucial. Our NQT diarist updates us on her progress

What we need now is stability and trust

21 May 2015

Two weeks on from the election, Deborah Lawson issues a call for a period of stability and for a willingness to place greater trust in the profession

A message to the secretary of state…

14 May 2015

A week after the election, Stephen Tierney offers his reflections, considers what is ahead, and gives returning education secretary Nicky Morgan some ‘quick wins’

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