Looking back at 2014

15 January 2015

Julian Stanley looks at some of the challenges we faced during 2014 and looks ahead to 2015.

At the chalkface: Private voices

8 January 2015

Voices of the often voiceless – often, Mr Farrago, enthralling, urgent immigrant voices. Secret and private voices, which tell stories of subterranean worlds and reflect the Other London. I’m reminded once again how vitally important English teachers can

Teachers need time for their CPD

8 January 2015

The College of Teaching and new CPD fund both require teachers to be given the time to engage, says Deborah Lawson.

Inspectors and ministers: Back off!

8 January 2015

An obsession with controlling everything is the sign of a failing state. Marion Gibbs calls on inspectors and government to back off!

Workload: This simply cannot carry on

4 December 2014

An estimated 10 per cent of the profession has responded to the government’s ‘Workload Challenge’. Kevin Courtney is not surprised.

Close the gap with breakfast and a book

4 December 2014

Research shows that reading for pleasure boosts cognitive development. Combine this with a solid breakfast and we can really help pupils to achieve. Karen Sullivan offers some practical ideas.

NQT Diary: Feedback and marking

4 December 2014

Effective feedback is one of the key drivers of student progress and development. Our NQT diarist discusses some of the strategies in action at her school.

The truth about child poverty

4 December 2014

Child poverty is set to rise, but the political parties are refusing to acknowledge the dire situation, says Dr Mary Bousted.

NQT Special: Diary of an NQT – Term 1

27 November 2014

One term down and this year’s SecEd NQT diarist reflects on some of her successes so far as a new teacher and her areas for improvement next term.

At the chalkface: London Calling

27 November 2014

Cities are good for you. Any fule kno this. We’re a mongrel island, a mongrel city. Of course there are tensions and anxieties, but we must surely be true to the better angels of our nature and not be seduced by a Farrago of fear. There’s too much good to

Bullying in the workplace

20 November 2014

When bullying at work happens, what can teachers do? Julian Stanley offers his advice.

Diary of an NQT: Behaviour management

20 November 2014

Our NQT diarist is slowly developing her behaviour management skills, with a range of positive strategies and consistency when it comes to negative sanctions.

The careers guidance shambles

20 November 2014

Only the government is pretending that current arrangements for careers guidance are satisfactory, argues Mark Baker.

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