Education beyond the election

7 May 2015

After the election, will the voices of children and young people finally get the attention they deserve, asks Anna Feuchtwang

At the chalkface: The Worm

30 April 2015

I no like Mr Worm. He feeds my paranoia. I fear he’s coming to our classrooms, that Ofsted will become an X Factor panel and the pupils a baying mob. The Worm will wriggly-woo every second of the lesson and then vanish under your interactive whiteboard an

Asbestos: A double standard

30 April 2015

Fire deaths, cycle deaths and school-related asbestos deaths – while the government acts on the first two, it is scandalously slow to tackle the third, says Kevin Courtney

Diary of an NQT: Life after Levels

30 April 2015

Our NQT is helping her school to prepare for life after national curriculum levels with a new approach being planned for September

Priorities for a new Parliament

30 April 2015

What education challenges face the incoming government after next week’s General Election, asks Julian Stanley

Reasons to be cheerful...

30 April 2015

Many students remember their teachers with affection and today’s teachers are among the best there are, says Alex Wood

SATs re-sits: Weighing or fattening?

23 April 2015

Weighing or fattening? Helen Morris and Dr Val Hindmarsh ask whether re-testing in key stage 3 is the best response for pupils seen as ‘failing’ in key stage 2

Behaviour management The trials of Ursula

23 April 2015

A school-based novel from 100 years ago has disturbing echoes of today’s behaviour management challenges. Gerald Haigh delivers a message to school leaders everywhere.

At the chalkface: Spring fever

23 April 2015

What’s good about teaching is the teaching. It can often be the best job in world. The classroom is a tragi-comic theatre, a magic space, a perpetual, protean flux and a satellite of larks and frolics and insight. No lesson is ever the same.

The global education race

26 March 2015

Governments around the world are racing to improve their education systems – the key to economic success. Professor Chris Husbands on the global education race.

Diary of a headteacher: Gaming the system?

26 March 2015

As school leaders, are we driven by the moral purpose of education or by the demands of Ofsted, accountability and the government? Our diarist offers his reflections

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