Diary of an NQT: Three basic rules

16 September 2015

As lessons get underway, the strict adherence to three basic rules is helping our NQT diarist to maintain a consistent approach with all his students

Will you be banning mobile devices?

16 September 2015

Will you be banning mobile phones or taking away tablets? Dr Bernard Trafford says, like it or not, the devices are here to stay

At the chalkface: The Fall

16 September 2015

Something happens, gradually, incrementally – certainly in my classes. Let’s call it the Fall, the Big School Fall. They get less bright, boredom sets in, behaviour gets worse...

We mustn't be afraid to challenge the status quo

15 September 2015

Government action on the summer-born children issue is welcome, but has got SecEd editor Pete Henshaw thinking about how difficult it can be to change the age-old structures of education

The exam results fall-out

9 September 2015

GCSE and A level results: there has been some welcome stability but budget cuts and wholesale reform mean there are still deeper rumblings. Ian Toone takes a look

A funding crisis & an academy obsession

2 September 2015

As another year begins, Pete Henshaw raises concerns about two key issues facing schools – the 16 to 19 funding crisis and a concerning obsession among our ministers with academy schools

At the chalkface: Timothy Winters

2 September 2015

Timothy Winters can't sleep. He has bad dreams. Why? Today is his First Day at Big School. He's dreading it. He sits on his balcony in Trellic Towers and gazes on the glow-worm lights of the Westway.

Stop this needless point-scoring

2 September 2015

Even today, we still pitch state against independent. Dr Bernard Trafford says we should be focusing on how the sectors can work together

Fifty years of comprehensive education...

25 August 2015

In 1965, local authorities were invited to put forward plans for ending selective education. Fifty years on and Alex Wood considers, from the Scottish point of view, how the comprehensive system has developed

The diary of a new teacher

25 August 2015

Across Scotland, newly qualified teachers have this month begun their first term at the chalkface. Alison Wood discusses her hopes and fears for the year ahead

Is there a recruitment crisis?

24 August 2015

Following reports of the recruitment and retention crisis in England, Julian Stanley asks if there is a problem in Scotland too

Reversing the modern language trend

24 August 2015

With a focus on Mandarin, Dr Judith McClure discusses the need for local partnerships to inspire pupils to take up languages – an essential skill for the 21st century

Child poverty pledge 'significantly off track'

3 July 2015

With 3.7 million children still living in poverty, Megan Jarvie warns ministers who might be tempted to welcome the latest figures showing that child poverty has not risen in the past year

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