Diary of a headteacher: Getting good governors

4 November 2015

The voluntary nature of governance makes it difficult to recruit people with the skills and dedication required. Our headteacher diarist reflects on how the role has changed

A compulsory EBacc contradiction

14 October 2015

The government’s compulsory EBacc is at odds with the stated view of Nicky Morgan, and will squeeze out other subjects, says Brian Lightman

Diary of an NQT: An incident I regretted

7 October 2015

Our NQT diarist is running over one particular incident of poor behaviour again and again in his mind and is worried about when he next teaches this student...

We should re-frame the school autonomy debate

7 October 2015

The debate about school autonomy will not go away – and nor should it, says Professor Chris Husbands. However, perhaps it is time to re-frame the questions that are being asked

Student loans: A brave stand

7 October 2015

A brave stand by one university student has led to a change in Student Loans Company rules, with implications for many prospective students. Kevin Courtney explains

At the chalkface: Banning creativity

7 October 2015

The DfE says creative writing is “more skills-based than knowledge-based” and – here come da crunch – it’s too difficult “to secure valid assessment”. Ah. It’s not quite measurable – which means it can’t exist...

The DfE's obsession with ED Hirsch

30 September 2015

Have we redesigned our entire national curriculum simply because one man read a book in 2005? SecEd editor Pete Henshaw on the Department for Education’s obsession with Professor ED Hirsch

The government's abuses of power

30 September 2015

The UK now ranks alongside Russia on the Global Rights Index. Chris Keates describes the government’s shameful abuse of legislative power

Diary of an NQT: I am surviving!

23 September 2015

Our NQT diarist has survived his first full week of teaching and his first behavioural challenge. He is also picking up some valuable admin tips too

Recognising the skill of our TAs

23 September 2015

Through poor pay and conditions and high workload, there has been a systematic undermining of the teaching assistant role. Julian Stanley looks at the work of these vital professionals and the challenges they face

The key stage 3 dilemma

16 September 2015

Ofsted has warned that key stage 3 is the poor cousin of key stages 4 and 5. Russell Hobby says there are some key barriers facing schools if we are to tackle the problem

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