At the chalkface: Get happy

6 January 2016

As you wend your way through the early morning murk, traumas of the festive season dimming, resolutions fading like action plans, towards yet another of those riveting New Year Briefings, does your morale feel less than perky?

At the chalkface: Winter light

2 December 2015

Even Mother Mania has come to school. A first. Well, she’s here tonight and kissing her errant son, who grins proudly. At last he’s been witnessed.

Heterosexual focus excludes pupils from SRE

2 December 2015

Despite good intentions, many teachers delivering sex and relationships education are still focusing on heterosexuality, and therefore excluding many pupils. Dr Keeley Abbott explains

Is it show time at your school?

2 December 2015

Is the school production dying? A school show is not a bolt-on, says Gerald Haigh, but can often play a key part of healthy school community life

Diary of an NQT: Sixteen and a half days

2 December 2015

With Christmas just around the corner, our NQT diarist is starting to see the progress he has made this term and is making plans for the months ahead...

Diary of a headteacher: Business vs education

2 December 2015

To what extent should the practices of business influence how we operate our schools and education system? Our headteacher diarist reflects on this challenging question

Workload: No change for teachers

2 December 2015

A year on from the Workload Challenge and nothing has changed. The ATL is now taking direct action in a bid to help teachers. Dr Mary Bousted explains

Supporting good mental health

25 November 2015

We do not have a mental health crisis – but there are problems enough that it should be a key priority, says Dr Bernard Trafford

At the chalkface: Shelley

25 November 2015

Blimey, that’s telling them. That’s telling truth to power. Incendiary stuff. Topical too. Who could those “cold advisors” be? Our tax credit cutters? Ofsted’s cold minions? Or the pale chancellor himself?

At the chalkface: Parents’ evening again

18 November 2015

“You want I should ‘it ‘im for yer?” A thick-necked, cropped father asks the Teacher about his son. Said infant trembles. He has a tic, probably consequent on being so often ‘it.

Diary of an NQT: Behaviour for learning

18 November 2015

By putting himself forward to help with a ‘behaviour for learning’ session, our NQT diarist hopes to make further improvements in his behaviour management

Plan for more testing is a backwards step

11 November 2015

The move for yet more testing into our school system is a backwards step. We should be scrapping most exams, not introducing new ones, argues SecEd editor Pete Henshaw

Diary of an NQT: Being a bit more human

11 November 2015

An off-topic conversation about career options – which helped to create an engaging and enjoyable lesson – has got our NQT diarist thinking...

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