GCSE grade confusion remains

26 April 2017

As we prepare for the first numerical GCSE grades, Ian Toone is concerned that there is still too much confusion over the new system

At the chalkface: I love the poorly educated

26 April 2017

We are beginning to have the same extremes. Rich and poor, White Flight, schools based on racial or religious lines, social immobility, a shocking level of illiteracy, and the deliberate creation of an underclass. Welcome to the USA.

At the chalkface: The lost ones

19 April 2017

I’m puzzled by this. I feel guilty, depressed. Were teachers like us really such rubbish? Many have now been sacked or are “disappeared” by murderously efficient super heads.

Educating India’s neglected girls

29 March 2017

A visit to a residential school that offers education and shelter to young women provides Prodeepta Das with a stark reminder of the barriers to education that women still face in India

At the chalkface: Flannery O’Connor

29 March 2017

“The Grandmother didn’t want to go to Florida,” goes the first sentence. We don’t fancy her chances. Not in a Flannery O’Connor story.

Time for an early night

29 March 2017

Sleep and education go hand-in-hand, says Dr Bernard Trafford. We can’t teach them if they haven’t slept well…

Ten tips to reduce workload

22 March 2017

Snowed under? Julian Stanley offers some tips on how we can all find ways to ‘manage better’

Diary of an NQT: The Big O

22 March 2017

The call has come and Ofsted arrives in our NQT diarist’s school for a short inspection – and our NQT is on the inspector’s ‘to see’ list...

The return to selection: Three key points

15 March 2017

The consultation over the grammar schools issue has been shown to be a complete travesty. Tom Middlehurst raises three key points when it comes to the government's plans for 140 new, potentially selective, free schools

Diary of an NQT: The school show

15 March 2017

With many of her students starring in the school show, our NQT diarist was front and centre in the audience – something that her students really appreciated...

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