Dangerous ideas in the White Paper

4 May 2016

Total academisation is not the only deeply controversial policy within the new White Paper. The replacement of qualified teacher status is an equally dangerous idea, warns Chris Keates

Do you dress up in lessons?

4 May 2016

Would you consider dressing up in lessons? A lot of secondary teachers do, as Gerald Haigh has been discovering

Fast-track to leadership?

4 May 2016

Proposals for a fast-track leadership college have caused some scepticism. Dr Bernard Trafford has three concerns

At the chalkface: Statistics

27 April 2016

Forty-three per cent of teachers plan to leave in the next five years and early retirement will increase. Good riddance. I was teaching at 100. Some of my best friends are posthumous and they’re still in the classroom – as good as ever.

You have left us little choice, Nicky Morgan

20 April 2016

Education secretary Nicky Morgan took on the teacher trade unions during the Easter conference season, but her ‘call to arms’ only served to show us exactly what this government thinks the role of our unions should be, says Anna Connelly

Raising the PFI question

20 April 2016

The buy-now-pay-later PFI approach delivered necessary new buildings, but what happens when the debts have to be repaid, asks Dr Bernard Trafford

At the chalkface: Read to your child!

20 April 2016

I don’t care what class you belong to, you can always tell a baby a bedtime story. Children never forget them. Not to do so is a crime. To shut the door on a baby without a tale is unforgivable.

At the chalkface: Social determinism

13 April 2016

If my dark visions are the new reality, if the rich have got it all stitched up, if state school exams count for so little, surely we could scrap all those scuzzy academies and go back to real schooling and teaching what we wanted?

DfE must lead from front on workload

6 April 2016

The Workload Challenge has finally yielded tangible action – but the DfE must lead from the front if we are to see the culture change we need, says Pete Henshaw

The EBacc: Five things to remember

16 March 2016

The consultation on the implementation of the English Baccalaureate closed in January and, as we await the outcome, discussion as to its strengths and limitations continues apace. Tom Middlehurst urges us to keep in mind five points

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