Diary of a headteacher: Riding the rollercoaster

27 January 2016

School leaders experience a range of emotions – as was perfectly illustrated for our headteacher diarist in the space of a few hours recently. He reflects on how well he handled the various challenges he faced...

Vital steps to keep children safe

27 January 2016

As ministers improve safeguarding guidance, they should also guarantee all children vital lessons about sex and relationships, argues Anna Feuchtwang

At the chalkface: Dark Star

27 January 2016

Enter Courtney, a thin, tall boy, ballet flats, Ziggy hair, mixed race, very camp, and probably transvestite. “I’m an alligator, I’m a mama-papa coming for you.” It’s a bit early for this sort of thing.

Diary of an NQT: The art of report-writing

27 January 2016

Our NQT diarist is writing his first set of pupil reports and is following a series of steps in a bid to ensure that they offer effective motivation and support

Pupil Premium: The elephant in the room

21 January 2016

The Pupil Premium is the core strategy for closing the achievement gap and tackling the stark effects of poverty on educational outcomes. But there is an elephant in the room – not every eligible child gets the funding. Pete Henshaw joins the calls for this to change

The forgotten 50 per cent in our schools

20 January 2016

The government’s approach to support staff is sometimes jaw-dropping, says Jon Richards. He details a catalogue of problems that lead to these professional becoming the forgotten 50 per cent.

At the chalkface: A moral dilemma

20 January 2016

“But we ain’t doin’ nothing!!” Ah, the legendary phrase. I’ve heard it for 40 years. That flat denial of a misdemeanour as it is being enacted. All those negatives. They’ve always not been doing nothing, not ever, not nohow, not once in their whole lives...

Challenging collaboration

20 January 2016

Many educationalists support the idea of collaboration between our schools and professionals. However, a new research review has challenged this outlook. SecEd invited its author, James Croft, to put forward his argument

Statutory PSHE key to mental health fight

13 January 2016

The on-going battle to protect young people’s mental health would be bolstered by the DfE making PSHE and SRE statutory subjects, argues Pete Henshaw

At the chalkface: Grim negotiations

13 January 2016

Another Parents’ Evening rolls round, this time for the 11th years. Always a big one. A New Year. New targets – and five high-pressured months to the exams, whose results will dictate their tiny fates.

Diary of an NQT: Handling the mocks

13 January 2016

As term two gets fully underway, our NQT diarist is handling the fall-out from the mock exams – both positive and negative…

Leadership and gender equality

6 January 2016

Gender bias continues to blight society, not least when it comes to school leadership. Gerald Haigh examines the problems

Diary of an NQT: Back to the chalkface

6 January 2016

Fully rested, our NQT diarist is ready to go for round two and is looking forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead, both in and out of the classroom

They learn when they lose

6 January 2016

Sport is not just about fitness, but about the valuable lessons we learn when the odds are against us, says Dr Bernard Trafford

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