The evidence is against selection

21 September 2016

England is facing a return to grammar schools and selective education. The prime minister argues this will boost social mobility. Dr Deborah Robinson says the evidence shows that such claims are disingenuous

Fighting to close Scotland’s attainment gap

21 September 2016

Since the beginning, Curriculum for Excellence has focused unerringly on content. As its implementation phase draws to a close, we must now refocus on teachers and pedagogy. Margaret Alcorn says this is key if we are to have an impact on the attainment gap

Selection: A major distraction

21 September 2016

As the debate on selective education rages, vital issues including funding, recruitment, assessment and the curriculum are being ignored, says Deborah Lawson

At the chalkface: Happy?

21 September 2016

“Keep up the pressure, no relaxation,” was the mantra of my last headteacher. It works. Anxiety levels go through the roof. And, finally, make sure that “everyone is above average”, a key concept from the much-maligned Gove.

Diary of an NQT: So far, so good...

21 September 2016

After finally getting into the classroom, our NQT diarist’s firm approach to setting out her expectations with every single class is paying off…

Brexit: Schools remain our beacons of unity

14 September 2016

As hate crime incidents continue at high levels, recent violent assaults have brought home the crisis that our country faces. In the face of political inaction, our schools must become our beacons of hope and unity, says SecEd editor Pete Henshaw

Diary of an NQT: Preparing for the off

14 September 2016

IT failures, meetings galore and a jungle of data and reporting – and that’s after just two days. Our NQT diarist is getting to grips with school life and awaiting her first lesson…

Grammar schools: Looking for the overlap

7 September 2016

Comprehensive schools provided a solution to the ‘dysfunctional mess’ of the grammar-secondary modern system. Gerald Haigh can’t believe he is still arguing this fact, 40 years on...

School funding: The fight will continue

7 September 2016

With the funding pressures on schools continuing to bite hard, Kevin Courtney pledges to continue his union’s campaign to persuade ministers to change course

Diary of an NQT: Hopes and fears...

7 September 2016

A new year and a new NQT diarist joins SecEd. A teacher of citizenship, RE and humanities, she discusses her hopes and fears for the year ahead

At the chalkface: Credo

7 September 2016

It might get told in detention, corridor, playground or the classroom, but it must get told. Your job is to gain the pupil’s trust and simply listen. If you don’t you’re probably in for trouble, they will give up and tune out

STEM: Employers opening their doors to teachers

7 September 2016

Young people are continuing to shun opportunities to study STEM subjects despite the digital skills crisis that faces the UK. Edwina Dunn says the answer lies in employers being more willing to open their doors to teachers…

Scottish education: Challenges and priorities

25 August 2016

From the new Education Delivery Plan to issues with workload, assessment and funding – as another academic year gets underway, we ask three education trade unions to outline the challenges and priorities for Scottish education – affecting both teachers and support staff – in 2016/17

The real threat posed by Brexit

6 July 2016

While politicians squabble and economists fret, the real threat posed by the Leave vote is going unaddressed and young people are among those who could suffer the most, fears SecEd editor Pete Henshaw

Ashamed to be counted English

6 July 2016

Those too young to vote are angry at having been forced out of the EU. Dr Bernard Trafford challenges teachers everywhere: should we have done more?

At the chalkface: Sissy Jupe – part 2

6 July 2016

It is more necessary and exciting teaching in the inner city. It is where things happen. Ms Sissy Jupe is going to stay – and the school and the children are very lucky to have her...

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