At the chalkface: On enthusiasm (Bob Dylan)

16 November 2016

I thought Bob was better than Baudelaire and I carried Highway 61 like a bible, wrote execrable verse and was often given to speaking surreal, opaque gibberish, what with being so existentially alienated – like Bob

Anti-Bullying Week: A light in dark places

9 November 2016

As Anti-Bullying Week approaches, the amazing impact that teachers can have on their students is being shown via the Power for Good Award. Lauren Seager-Smith explains

At the chalkface: Mindfulness

9 November 2016

My chums used to spend far too long trying calm the inmates down, bellowing idle threats and saying the word “right”, pointlessly, a few million times. Now their classes enter in a Trappist silence.

The architect heads

2 November 2016

Dr Bernard Trafford was surprised to find himself in the rare position of agreeing with Sir Michael Wilshaw...

At the chalkface: Another modest proposal

2 November 2016

We 13-year-olds learned how to shoot a real gun, kill a man with the side of your hand or string a piano wire across a path to garrote any wandering Hun. It worked. We saw none.

Sprinklers: An illogical decision

2 November 2016

School fires are common but the requirement for new schools to have sprinklers has been dropped. Kevin Courtney says this is short-sighted and dangerous

A fear of failure

2 November 2016

Do you encounter students who say they ‘don’t care’? Caroline Sherwood says that this is often nothing more than a fear of failure...

Teaching: A career you can bank on

12 October 2016

Former operations manager Mark Grimmett has given up life in the financial sector and began his teaching career as an NQT last month...

At the chalkface: Intrusion

12 October 2016

But should she stop the lesson? Surely this a grave offence? Or is it just a silly prank? Is he a feckless buffoon or an incipient radical?

How do you teach children to read?

12 October 2016

When it comes to literacy and reading, we dismiss the skills of skipping, skimming and scanning at our peril. Professor Ruth Finnegan urges educators to consider an additional approach to reading

The school photograph

5 October 2016

In this day and age, is the school photograph still a valuable use of time? Dr Bernard Trafford thinks it is

At the chalkface: Good Books

5 October 2016

Using texts as tests have ensured that millions of children feel excluded and alienated for life. The world of books is shut off from them forever. They are taught that they’re not clever enough to join it. It causes untold damage.

Freedom to recruit skilled governors

5 October 2016

?Controversial plans to remove the requirement for parent governors in academies have been shelved. However, a new report argues against this decision. Elaine Fischer presents her case

Inspection: Small but important changes

28 September 2016

A new school year and an updated Ofsted handbook. While there have only been minor changes this time around, Colin Logan highlights some of the key things that school leaders should take note of

We need more stability in 14 to 19 education

28 September 2016

Does the current 14 to 19 education policy help or hinder our learners? Dr Lynn Senior says we must have more stability in the 14 to 19 phase, and accept that a successful economy needs both academic and vocational learners...

At the chalkface: Uniform

28 September 2016

Well, no. I’m with the headteacher Tate on this one. Rules is rules – just shut up and do it. I surprise myself.

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