At the chalkface: Pressure drop

14 June 2017

Like a boxer’s second you give the same fatuous tips. Get in early, get lots of nutritional sleep and breakfast, get in the zone, get your timing right, don’t think too much, and don’t swear at the referee/examiner. Yeah. Yeah.

The far-reaching power of music

14 June 2017

Research showing the impact of learning a musical instrument on pupils’ wider educational outcomes comes as no surprise to Dr Bernard Trafford

At the chalkface: The Election

7 June 2017

His baleful legacy endures. Hatched for years, like the mother’s egg in Alien, it has finally burst out to blight the poor mites in all its slimy horror – terminally dull tasks, mere information retrieval, and dire subject content

Making RSE inclusive

24 May 2017

Education for all means LGBT inclusive relationships and sex education. Stonewall’s Sidonie Bertrand-Shelton delivers a call to action

Low-cost private schools?

24 May 2017

Suggestions that firms are keen to set-up low-cost private schools in the UK has raised a few eyebrows. Dr Bernard Trafford is sceptical

School funding: You couldn't make it up...

17 May 2017

As the government continues to parrot its line that school funding is ‘at record levels’, frustration and anger is growing. What hope for an honest debate ahead of June 8, asks Pete Henshaw

A manifesto for teacher wellbeing

17 May 2017

Ahead of the next Parliament, the Education Support Partnership has published its own manifesto for teacher wellbeing. Julian Stanley explains

At the chalkface: Beware the photo-op

17 May 2017

The photo is probably unfair, Lucy might be just shy. No matter. It is richly comic. Iconic even. A tableau of disconnection. He is frozen forever in an allegory: “Prime Minister and Child.”

At the chalkface: Little Stan and the SATs

10 May 2017

Is it the Maths SAT by mistake? Sheep aren’t noted for jumping over mushrooms? Shouldn’t “walnut” be plural? Maybe said sheep or the examiners have been on the magic mushrooms?

Mental health: A major step forward?

10 May 2017

The recent Select Committee report on mental health is welcome, but has one glaring omission and one worrying inclusion, says Dr Bernard Trafford

I’m a recovering teacher

10 May 2017

The toll that life as a teacher can take on us is well evidenced and we all know the figures about retention and drop-out rates, especially among young teachers. Claire Stewart-Hall is one of many who walked away from the profession she loved

At the chalkface: Getting to the top

3 May 2017

England is riddled with this snobbery. You should not be defined by your job or lack of it. I never taught only for the “top” children.

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