"In arrogant denial…”

8 March 2017

The government is in arrogant denial of the crisis it has caused in teaching. Chris Keates calls for proper investment, action on workload and better support

Diary of an NQT: A much-needed rest

1 March 2017

The February half-term provided a much-needed rest for our busy NQT diarist. But now she has an impending school trip to think about…

At the chalkface: Armed and dangerous?

1 March 2017

I kick in the classroom door like tinder and threaten disruptives with extreme prejudice. It’s rather good fun. Revenge for those times when I was useless. Well, here I am, 100-years-old and in crazed control. The Terminator.

Tips for effective communication

8 February 2017

Good communication can go a long way to resolving many conflicts and causes of stress and anxiety. Julian Stanley offers his advice

At the chalkface: Home-schooling

8 February 2017

Meanwhile, Sylvie could care less and is very busy dancing with her polar bear, Sidney, to the Rolling Stones – not part of any foreseeable syllabus.

Are we happy with Progress 8?

1 February 2017

Is Progress 8 a better way of ranking schools? As the dust settles, Dr Bernard Trafford offers his view

Support staff: A tough year ahead…

1 February 2017

Support staff are on the frontline as funding cuts take hold and school leaders are forced to make unpalatable decisions, warns Jon Richards

At the chalkface: One in a million

1 February 2017

English has been shrunk. It is thin gruel. Set texts, parrot answers and little serious creative writing. I’d instigate fierce, ruthless, elitist writing classes for the talented...

Safer Internet Day 2017

25 January 2017

In the run-up to Safer Internet Day on February 7, Martha Evans considers how schools can support pupils to use the power of digital images for good

Mental health: The Oxygen mask approach

25 January 2017

The mental health of students is firmly on the agenda, but if teachers are to play a key role, they must also protect their own wellbeing, says Julian Stanley

Diary of an NQT: A jack of all trades?

25 January 2017

Our NQT diarist is a specialist in citizenship, but also teaches a number of other subjects. She reflects on the challenge of teaching outside of your specialism

At the chalkface: Politics in the classroom

25 January 2017

Do you let Bad Stuff slide? Do you go selectively deaf and move on to the wretched syllabus? Do you permit the impermissible? Even to suggest kindness, compassion and decency seems like a political act these days

Diary of a headteacher: Fair finance?

18 January 2017

When schools are scraping to get by and face severe consequences for poor financial management, it seems deeply unfair that the DfE and EFA are wasting thousands on failing schools...

At the chalkface: Favourites

18 January 2017

They surfaced, like Bill and Ben, from under thick foliage and a large lid. As their tutor and moral icon, I was summoned to give the varmints a grave lecture on their criminal silliness. My heart wasn’t in it. “You know you were laughing, sir.”

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