At the chalkface: Beware the photo-op

17 May 2017

The photo is probably unfair, Lucy might be just shy. No matter. It is richly comic. Iconic even. A tableau of disconnection. He is frozen forever in an allegory: “Prime Minister and Child.”

At the chalkface: Little Stan and the SATs

10 May 2017

Is it the Maths SAT by mistake? Sheep aren’t noted for jumping over mushrooms? Shouldn’t “walnut” be plural? Maybe said sheep or the examiners have been on the magic mushrooms?

Mental health: A major step forward?

10 May 2017

The recent Select Committee report on mental health is welcome, but has one glaring omission and one worrying inclusion, says Dr Bernard Trafford

I’m a recovering teacher

10 May 2017

The toll that life as a teacher can take on us is well evidenced and we all know the figures about retention and drop-out rates, especially among young teachers. Claire Stewart-Hall is one of many who walked away from the profession she loved

At the chalkface: Getting to the top

3 May 2017

England is riddled with this snobbery. You should not be defined by your job or lack of it. I never taught only for the “top” children.

GCSE grade confusion remains

26 April 2017

As we prepare for the first numerical GCSE grades, Ian Toone is concerned that there is still too much confusion over the new system

At the chalkface: I love the poorly educated

26 April 2017

We are beginning to have the same extremes. Rich and poor, White Flight, schools based on racial or religious lines, social immobility, a shocking level of illiteracy, and the deliberate creation of an underclass. Welcome to the USA.

At the chalkface: The lost ones

19 April 2017

I’m puzzled by this. I feel guilty, depressed. Were teachers like us really such rubbish? Many have now been sacked or are “disappeared” by murderously efficient super heads.

Educating India’s neglected girls

29 March 2017

A visit to a residential school that offers education and shelter to young women provides Prodeepta Das with a stark reminder of the barriers to education that women still face in India

At the chalkface: Flannery O’Connor

29 March 2017

“The Grandmother didn’t want to go to Florida,” goes the first sentence. We don’t fancy her chances. Not in a Flannery O’Connor story.

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